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When did Big Show start getting so annoying and boring?

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When did it all start? I mean he used to be a badass back in the day, but now he's always trying to make himself relevant by putting himself into big angles all the time and it gets annoying.
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I stopped caring about him when he went to the WWE as Paul Wight. The last run that I had any interest in him was his ECW 2006 run.
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When he left WCW.
I never cared about the Big Show. He's a slow, boring motherfucker who ruins things and has been since the day he made his debut in the company.
The only interesting thing Big Show has ever done was his battle rap with John Cena. Other than that Big Show was always boring.
I have never cared about him but his best moment in my opinion was how well he sold Goldberg's jackhammer in this match...

Skip to the 1:15 mark. Simply surreal, Goldberg is such a beast.
since he became a jobber
He should of stayed in WCW, WWF refused to build him up as a true monster like he should have been.

I don't blame show for what he has become, he is aother victim of the injustice by Vince towards former WCW talent.
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When he left wcw. He got toned down then and boring.
After his feud with Floyd in 2008.
When he stopped being The Giant & became the Big Show.
He's in better shape now then he was in 2012, I'll give him credit where it's due. I went to a live SD recording and Show was featured in a feud with Sheamus. He spent the majority of the match laying outside of the ring. That he was able to go as much as he did with Brock last month is impressive, but please keep him out of the Main Event. He's done very well on commentary the few times he was featured this year.
The moment he won the WWF title when he got rushed to the main event scene by Vince.

He was awesome as the Giant in WCW though. I don't really know how Vince managed to fuck that up the way he did.
Travesty what they did to Big Show. He should be in Brock's spot. He is giant that moves wells and can actually take bumps. Behind Taker he is the most agile big man. I would say he is more agile than Kane at the moment.
His in-ring skills aren't as bad as people say, he's good if you consider his size, his mic skills are also pretty good. Big Show's constant heel/face turns have made audience lose the connection with him.
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