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What's the stipulation?

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Does anyone know what Lawler's stipulation for his match vs Cole is? Of course it won't be if Cole loses he gets fired. Cole gets too much heat and has been there way too long. If it is and Lawler wins Cole will find a loophole. Maybe it will be J.R. replaces Cole and Cole can no longer announce. This will probably prompt Cole to be Miz's manager and it will happen immediately and Cole will once again get Miz a win and once again, Miz won't have a legit PPV title win.
BTW, kinda off topic, will anyone in the WWE ever bring up the fact that on air the whole knighting thing was a huax? Hopefully Lawler can break that non-shocking news.
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I think it's just a tag match, nothing else. Hope it lasts all of 3 minutes.
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