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I need to finish compiling my "definitive" list, but I wanted to see what everyone else has on theirs. For those of you who may not know what I mean ... before you die, what are your goals AS A WRESTLING FAN? Are there any wrestlers you want to meet? Any wrestlers you want to see live? Is there anywhere, a city, country or a venue where you want to catch a show? Post it all here, and if there's anything on your list that you've "checked off," share those stories and experiences.

Looking forward to the responses.

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- AJPW 1991 to 2000
- ROH 2002 to 2009
- Jushin Liger best of DVD

- ROH show (achieved on Nov. 13th, 2010)
- WWE house show
- Wrestlemania
- TNA house show
- TNA PPV (maybe)
- one Japan show, whether it be NJPW or NOAH

- Shawn Michaels
- CM Punk
- Bryan Danielson
- Chris Jericho
- Bret Hart

Wished I could have seen a Shawn Michaels and Mitsuharu Misawa match at some point in my life time, but one is definitely not possible, and the other isn't looking good either.

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- Attend a show in Madison Square Garden
- Attend a show in Japan
- Attend a Royal Rumble
- Meet CM Punk and Chris Hero

I used to have quite a few.

- Attend an ROH show (achieved in 2006 at Anarchy In The UK)
- Attend a show in America (achieved in 2007 at ROH Respect Is Earned)
- Attend a Wrestlemania (achieved in 2009)
- Meet Kenta Kobashi and Mitsuharu Misawa (achieved in 2008)
- Meet Bryan Danielson (achieved in 2008)

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The ones that I want to do:

  • I started watching every episode of Nitro + PPVs. However, I'm only in March 1996. I kind of stopped for some reason. I need to get back into it because... well, the nWo is coming.
  • I want to watch every episode of Raw and SmackDown! again. I'm a few months into Raw.
  • I want to watch every Ring of Honor show from 2002-2010. I've caught the last few and really loved them, so I want to go back and see what I missed.
  • I want to go to WrestleMania. Live. Maybe at MSG for WrestleMania XXX?
  • I would love to go to the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to go with WrestleMania.
  • I really want to see an ROH show live.
  • Ditto for DGUSA.

The ones that I have done:

  • Attend a WWE Pay-Per-View (Backlash 2005 - Michaels/Hogan vs. Hassan/Daivari = EPIC)
  • Meet Bobby Heenan, Miss Elizabeth, and Bret Hart (Autograph signing sometime in 1998, when Bret was the WCW US Champion and part of the nWo)
  • Go to WWE Monday Night Raw and appear on television (12/29/2009 in Manchester, NH)
  • Go to a WWE house show (12/30/2009 in Portland, ME)
  • Go to a WWE Smackdown taping (Once sometime in 2001, then again on 6/22/2010, both in Boston, MA)
  • I don't remember what it was called, but Mick Foley and Bruce Prichard did a stand-up comedy show that I went to (Palace Theatre, Manchester, NH)
  • I'm going to the Royal Rumble in a couple of weeks in Boston, MA. My favorite WWE event of the year. I can't wait.

I think that's it. I'll edit this post if I can think of any more.
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Well I'll be going to Wrestlemania this year so I'll just consider that off the list, and I think I'm going to see a show at MSG soon so that's off the list as well.

Seeing a big show in Japan would be really awesome. So I guess going on a tour of Japan seeing all the big and small companies at different venues would be on my bucket list.

I'm really lucky with the amount of things that I've seen as far as wrestling goes. Singing along to what was thought to be The Final "Final Countdown" at GBHVIII, seeing so many amazing matches. I've just about everyone that I've ever wanted to see wrestle in the US as well. After Wrestlemania I might honestly be able to say that I've done everything I can ever hope to do in the United States.

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-Meet Chris Jericho, Triple H and Shawn Michaels.
-Drink a beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin.
-Attend a WrestleMania with ringside seats.
-Attend a Hall of Fame ceremony prior to WrestleMania.
-Attend a TNA event.

As well as purchase:
-Seasons of Raw and Nitro off of iOffer.
-At least one adult sized Replica or Commemorative Belt

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See a show in Budokan Hall

See a WrestleMania

See a PWG show in Cali stoned

Have a long philosophical discussion with Excalibur

See a Tournament of Death (and not get eaten by hicks)

Have done:
See an ROH show in New York.
Went to my first for Glory By Honor 8, had to see Nigel and Dragon's last match. Then again for Final Battle 09 (horror story of my wrestling life), and a third time for Glory By Honor 9.

See a show at the Arena.
All of the King of Trios 09 shows, and DGUSA's first show. Such an awesome venue. Even if it's next to rape avenue.

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The ones that I've done:
-Attend a WWE Raw (9/20 and 9/27 both in 2010 ... Fifth Row hard camera side with a Green Sheamus shirt and Tiger mask)
-Attend a TNA show (3 house shows in Hammond, LaPorte and Fort Wayne Indiana)
-Attend a ROH show (was at ROH on HDNet tapings in Louisville ... wore "Pro Wrestling is Real ... People are Fake" shirt)
-Attend a Wrestlemania (Wrestlemania 23)
-Meet a few wrestlers .. didn't matter who (Mr. Anderson, Jeff Jarrett, The Beautiful People, Eddie Edwards, Beer Money, Rob Terry, Ink Inc., Abyss, AJ Styles, Kofi Kingston, Primo, Evan Bourne, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, Matt Hardy and Maria)
-Sit front row for a wrestling show (ROH on HDNet tapings)

What I want to do:
-Meet Bryan Danielson, Colt Cabana, Undertaker and El Generico.
-Sit front row for a Wrestlemania.
-Attend an ROH show in Chicago Ridge.

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Here are a couple of mine:

- Attend a WWE show at Madison Square Garden. Yes, even though I have lived in NYC all my life, I have never seen WWE at MSG.
- Attend at least one WrestleMania.
- Actually, I'd like to go to all of the "Big Four" pay-per-views.
- Travel to Japan to catch at least one show at a place like the Tokyo Dome or Budokan Hall.
- Meet Steve Austin. There are so many other wrestlers I want to meet, but he's my favorite of all time.
- Catch one Tournament of Death live, which will hopefully happen for me this year.
- See The Undertaker wrestle live, preferably at a WrestleMania.

A couple of the things I've crossed off:

- Attend a wrestling show at the Hammerstein Ballroom.
- Attend a wrestling show at The Arena.
- Meet Bret Hart.
- See a world title change hands.
- Be part of a crowd so loud that the floor shakes. It NEVER gets old.
- See Misawa wrestle live.
- See Liger wrestle live.

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Attend WM30 in NYC at MSG. And it'll be a pleasure to see the top indies, whoever they may be in three years, host shows at the Manhattan Center. God I hope TNA if it's still as shitty as it is now doesn't control that building that weekend.

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Just to name a few Things:
Attend a WWE Show
Attend a TNA Show
Meet Edge
Watch the Punk vs Joe Trilogy
Watch every CDP Title change (3 left {Icoherence, BDK, Quacksaw})
Watch Quack vs Liger
Quack vs Daniels to happen (in Chikara would be awesome)
Own every show I have attended (1 wasn't taped/2 owned so far)

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-Watch Kawada's every 5* match.

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Go to a New Japan and Dragon Gate show in Japan.
Go to a big ROH event (not one of those throwaway events they do in places they arent big)
Attend Wrestlemania (I have tickets this year but i have a feeling we're gonna get something mediocre)
Attend a TNA PPV
Meet Sting and Kenta Kobashi
Attend a AAA PPV in Mexico
Watch ROH/TNA 2005 catalouge
Learn how to armdrag
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