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What your own wrestling TV would be like

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a few years ago we in the uk had a Satelite channel called TWC.

tna lucha libre puro and indy stuff from america and england galore were rocking the worlds of wrestling fans in UK forever, i know mine was at least, but then it tried to make hems meat with non wrestling related stuff and then got absorbed by the following

I belive you canadians have The Fight Network which is kinda the same thing but with MMA and Boxing

Since WWe seem to be going ahead with having their own channel, lets do something fun and list down what we would like own our own wrestling channels

I would have weekly shows from feds like: All Star Wrestling, American Wrestling Rampage, Premier Britsh wrestling, Chikara-A-Go-Go, Westside Xtreme Wrestling, X Wrestling Alliance, News recaps of course, Shoot interviews, Best Of The Indy dvd compilations and hopefully require the licences for WWP Thunderstrike, 100% Lucha, AAA, NJPW, Dragongate and Global Professional Wrestling Alliance

Heres another scenario;

If your own wrestling fed had a tv and ppv deal;
What would your shows names be? Would the format be Lucha Libre Style? Would there be jobber matches?Promos and Backstage stuff?
Would your big shows be on ippv,ppv or non televised like Memphis Championship wrestling

If my own wrestling fed had a tv show i would call it something like Contenders or Matchlock TV or Road To (insert the name of next big show here)

even so, would your shows be annual? Or would it have a different name every time? like EVOLVE or ROH (in some respect)