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What Wrestlers Move Have YOU Botched the Most?

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So tonight I was wrestling with my 6 year old like he loves to do and like usual, I went to pick him up into an Attitude Adjustment. However, this time, I feel like I tore my damn bicep when picking him up. I know it's just pulled but it hurts like a you know what. Then, to top it off, my 11 month old just headbutts me for no reason in the mouth and now I have ice on my arm and a swollen lip!

What is your worst injury story when trying to be like the big boys?
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I've put a few girls in the bronco buster in my time! No ropes required.
Oh damn, I just remembered a time I did almost break someone's back doing the texas cloverleaf on them. :D

And almost knocked someone out doing the Million Dollar Dream on another.
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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