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What Wrestler Frightened You The Most As A Child?

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I nominate Crazy Ken Patera. Seemed like a psycho even before his arrest. Who would mess with Kenny Patera in his prime?

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Undertaker during the Ministry era, and Sid Vicious because I was convinced he wanted to kill his opponent.
Farooq, Ahmed Johnson, Mark Henry, Booker T and Stevie Ray.
As a kid growing up going to Memphis house shows I had never really seen much WWF, until they started running shows in Nashville.

I was like 15 the first time my dad took me to a WWF show.

Andre vs Studd was the main event, which in typical WWF house show style took place mid way on the card.

The last match was Superfly Snuka vs George "The Animal" Steele.

I was one of the kids who ran to the entrance ways to see the wrestlers come out. When Steele came out he charged at the kids lined up to see him. Myself and all the kids watching fled as this wild beast of a man came charging towards us.

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Those of you who only know him from his babyface sympathetic run will not understand the horror he put into every kid standing there that night, as we all ran for our lives.

He was truly scary. Little did I know he was just a math teacher wrestling in the summers for the WWF. I thought he was a maniac.

A couple of years later he would become a lovable face biting turnbuckles and carrying a stuffed animal to the ring.
And carrying off Miss Elizabeth
We'll, I'm 23 and I'd say it was EASILY the Boogeyman 😂. Yeah, Undertaker was there but he wasn't on the scary side, i more or less idolised taker.
Undertaker and Kane always seemed more cool and badass to me than outright frightening, though I could see how someone could be made uneasy by them. Kane in particular in his debut months looked like someone fused Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees together. The blood red light and the total darkness around ringside made him look surreal both on TV and in person.

Debut Mankind was the one that made me think there is something genuinely fucked with this guy. I have a huge aversion to vomiting and when his Mandible Claw made wrestlers convulse uncontrollably and start spitting up phlegm or whatever it really unnerved me. Then there was that psychotic wailing he'd do and tearing his own hair out while screaming to himself incoherently. It also helped that for a good chunk of 1996 he was kicking the shit out of Undertaker and was the first guy to ever not be scared of him period. You never saw anything like it before and the calm piano music after each match was weird to me. His mask itself looked painful to wear which made him look more menacing as a result. Awesome character work.

Another one that didn't last long but I always thought Demolition in those creepy S&M masks and that really horror sounding heel theme song were pretty unnerving in a way.
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A guy who come down wearing armour. When the mask came off he had another mask on underneath. He looked like Sadako of ‘The ring’ hunched over with long hair covering his face. He didn’t wrestle just used nerve holds and spat a mist.

edit probably wasn’t even WWE
Great Kabuki?
Lesnar. I never really believed in ghosts or demons, but when I saw Lesnar I did believe in 6'3" monsters with traps that went half way up his head that could beat Hulk Hogan within an inch of his life.
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