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I would like the WWE to completely restructure their company model and launch their product into an exciting new direction. It doesn't matter who they push right now, said wrestler would suffer from being part of the show as a whole. It wasn't the push of Stone Cold Steve Austin that made the Attitude Era so great, it was the WWE's shift from familly friendly entertainment to edgy tv that reflected contemporary culture. The Austin character would've never thrived in 1995 WWF. You can push Dolph Ziggler to the moon, but if his segments are preceded and followed by lame Hornswoggle skits and meaningless Diva matches, it loses it's effect.
Yes, WWE needs to change. I'm not saying go back to "Attitude" or TV-14, you can keep it family friendly for the most part, but delivering something that feels different would do wonders. I've been saying for years they need to jack the style TNA does for backstage segments. The shaky documentary/film look makes everything seem more spontaneous than some lame ass camera that's magically everywhere.

I'd like them to try new things, like making the US, Tag, IC, or Divas matches main events. Okay, so it'd be rare to see a Divas title match headline a PPV, but with the right angle and right performers given time, then why not give them RAW or Smackdown's main event slot? But for PPVs, I'd like to see the other titles rotated into main event spots. What, are people going to ask for a refund if Cody Rhodes vs Christian goes on last? What, you'd rather see Cena vs. Big Johnny? GTFO. Give some of these guys Main Event spots and see how they perform. TNA did this in 2005 with that X-Division Three Way with Styles/Joe/Daniels and that match saved that company IMO. You don't need to always do this, but if the Main Event is going to be a ton of bull shit, then why not give people something you know will be a good match to end the show?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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