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What would you do if you were the CEO of WWE?

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Damn, this is like my second hypothetical scenario thread today.

Anyway, what it says in the title. What would you do if you were basically Vince Mcmahon. The man gets lots of crap but what would you do differently than what he is doing now? Also, any other past decisions that you would have done differently? Who would you have pushed, who would you have fired. Try not to change decisions because of hindsight. Such as not pushing Daniely Bryan because he would get injured. However, if you wouldn't have pushed Bryan anyway, then its fine.
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Bury Triple H and his stupid fanboy The Haitch with him

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To be honest I don't want to be in his place because I can't imagine that when I want to do any decision in my own company I have to care about what will some people on internet writes about it.

But If I am him I don't how I will do it but I will really care about Kayfabe atleast inside the product and heels need to get heat and face needs to get good reactions.

If a heel failed to get a heat I will turn him face automatic and same goes for faces.

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first thing id do is fire the majority of the creative team and reduce the number of people to 4

id negotiate with my sponsors to get the product changed to a more adult oriented product on a monday and (changing the day) a Thursday again

id move the more child friendly content to the network and use that as one of the key selling points of the network

id continue to sign indy talents, however id change the match structure to include more variation

id make raw and smackdown distinctly different products in terms of ring style, production quality and general feel

id move more ppvs outside of America, globalisation is the key with the wwe if it wants to compete with other tv shows so id bring the show to the people more

run a long 'invasion' style storyline featuring wwe vs the bullet club, Roman would join the BC in this story as they'd need to be heels

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Fire Triple H and scrap his 'developmental' promotion, start a new one for actual young talents

Fire/bury most of Triple H's children

Push Cesaro
I'm not big fan of Triple H but I don't think he is the one to blame in Cesaro because if you hear any story about Cesaro and I'm sure you did you will find that Vince is the one that doesn't want him pushed and everyone else want Cesaro to be pushed even Cena likes Cesaro.

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I'm not big fan of Triple H but I don't think he is the one to blame in Cesaro because if you hear any story about Cesaro and I'm sure you did you will find that Vince is the one that doesn't want him pushed and everyone else want Cesaro to be pushed even Cena likes Cesaro.
I think you're misunderstanding me. Triple H doesn't have to go because he's holding Cesaro back, he has to go because he's garbage.
And anyway, Triple H is involved in Cesaro not getting pushed. Look at all the people he's handpicked. He can push who he likes. He clearly doesn't like Cesaro much since he's pushing baby Balor over him.

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If I were the CEO of WWE I'd focus on perfecting the aspects that are unique to my specific form of entertainment, instead of alienating the majority of my fanbase by wanting to become the TNA version of Disney.

I'd try to perfect the pro-wrassling forumula, I'd get rid of these "writer" hacks, bring in guys like Jim Cornette who actually know how wrestling works, I'd let my talent have more imput on their characters. etc It would be old school wrestling but amped up.

All the top stars on the roster would have licensed music like UFC, My talent coming to the ring with generic rock riffs would be embarrassing. I'd get a guy to design elaborate unique sets for every PPV as presentation is key.

For WWE film studios, I'd do what Netflix did and hire a well known film director like David Fincher, give him £40 million and complete control over anything he wanted to do and then we might actually turn a profit for the first time in it's existence.

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50/50 Booking and all advocates for it will be fired on the spot

Give all wrestlers the freedom to come up with things that work and things that don't, while inspiring friendly competition to spike motivation amongst workers.

Place someone who was a draw with a good mind for the business as lead of Talent Relations and Recruiting, while placing emphasis on finding unknown and fresh talent. Leaving the independants be and not raiding them of their talent.

Take NXT off the road, and merge it's operations with the Performance Center. Making it strictly developmental.

Scrap the WWE Universal Title and making a World Middleweight Title in its place, making that exclusive to SD. While the WWE Championship goes back to RAW.

Having external stars take a mandatory 4-6 month Professional Development course on how to work the WWE style of wrestling and production, and not waste their time, burning them out expecting them to draw and wrestle for a brand that has no mainstream TV deal or exposure. Run that twice a year to coincide with recruiting sprees.

Make part-time stars special attractions only and limiting their usage so that it doesn't interfere with building up new talent, while not bleeding money.

Find a way to buy back all WWE stock and make it so that corporate money and politics has no influence on a wrestling show. Globalisation and getting people over done right will pay for production costs, while restructuring business operations will save money in the long run.

Have 3-4 man teams of experienced bookers between the shows or at the very least writers with experience that possess knowledge of the wrestling industry and how to get people over.

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- Get TV 14 friendly sponsors, go TV 14
- fire all of creative except Ryan Ward and Road Dogg
- end scripted promos
- let companies advertise on led boards during matches
- keep first hour of Raw PG for the kids, at 9pm start Warzone
- first hour all in-ring action, CWs and multi man tags
- Warzone heavy focus on story with only 3 to 4 longish, showcase matches for lower card guys against upper card guys
- more off-site segments
- no forced branding like "the artist Nakamura", title instead of belt, "he's great at sports entertaining", etc.
- no recaps of events that just happened, shorter recaps of important events from earlier in the show
- end 3 straight ppv feud format
- end gimmick ppvs except MitB and EC
- add women's RR match
- give women at least 1/3 of tv time and ppv cards
- sign more women's talent; add lower card and/or tag titles
- retire all the part timers
- make WM over 2 days
- make NXT developmental again; hire actual promo and character coach
- hire English language teacher for PC
- bring Jim Johnston out of retirement; fire CFO$

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Lesnar would have at the minimum broken the length of Hogan's reign when he came back and possibly still be undefeated. I would have ignored the bitching and re conditioned the audience to get used to the champion not being there every week and made the IC belt prestigious again as it would be what people saw being sought after week to week.

JR would be back as head of talent relation. I've heard mostly nothing but great things about how he handled the job.

HHH's power would be far more limited. I don't think that the person doing the recruiting should also be so involved in the writing. It creates a conflict of interest as favoritism is inevitable as the writer will naturally want their recruits to do the best.

Strict rules on weight limits for the CW division with the only exceptions being if the fans got so strongly behind someone that they forced it. If you're under 205 you start out in the CW.

Cornette and Heyman would both be involved in creative to add some old school flavor.

While I wouldn't shoot myself in the foot by helping another company too much, I would loosen the restrictions on the talents that I chose to release. At one time Vince had a solid working relationship with Heyman and ECW. Would aim for that with smaller promotions. Not saying I wouldn't take some of their talent but I wouldn't be doing it just so they couldn't have them. There would be immediate plans for them.
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