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What would have happened?

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In the viewers choice episode of raw do you think Nexus would have been better or be what they are now if the fans chose Rey Mysterio or jack Swagger who i think was the third option. If it was indeed Mysterio then it would have been Nexus destroying the 2 supermen of WWE. but if it were Swagger it would have been the 2 champs. Im asking this now because now we have 2 different fations that came from the Nexus idea. New Nexus is just terrible. i love Punk but when you just have 3 other members i think its sucks and none of them look great in the ring. The original Nexus only had one guy who couldnt have a good match. and Gabriel was always the workhorse having better matches with Cena and Orton than Barrett had. The Corre looks better than nexus but just dont seem big time and plus their theme sucks.Do you guys think the outcome would have been completely different if it was Cena and Swagger or Mysterio
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I think Punk worked in their favor. It would've made a huge impact no matter who Cena was in there with, but Punk being in there when they struck just gave off the vibe that no one was safe from this group in the best possible way.
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