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what would be an a good wrestlemania card ?

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hello again sorry sbout my earlier thread that go shut down all the people who repied and insulted me thanks because you made me laugh and forget why i was annoyed.

Anyway because its that time of the year for WRESTLEMANIA!!!!

thought id ask and see what everyone thinks giving the current situation in WWE what matches would make an awesome Wrestlemania and not a shit one like sme ppl expect

for me its gotta be this

Cena Vs Miz i dont wnat it but its gonna happen who know Cena might lose:p
Edge V ADR i think this will be good i thot maybe if this whole spear being illegal rule is still in effect it would e awesome if christian got involved and speared ADR for Edge to get the win
Orton vs Punk show stealer
Undertaker vs??HHH no HBK no Barrett no Kane No Sting fuk yeah
tag team title only if gabriel and slater take them
Money in the bank would always be a welcome edition
Sheamus vs HHH maybe a street fight could be interesting
Diesel vs Big Show the giants collide again
Cody Rhodes v Rey would be nice to see cody win
Beth Phoeinix vs Awesome Kong only Diva match i think worth watching

on top of that a kliq reunion and Wrestlemania could be quite good maybe even throw in some WCW stuff

What do you all think??????
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