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What will your life be like if and when Professional Wrestling becomes obsolete

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Come on we've all thought about this

In a world where niches, hobbys and subcultures can dissapear in a blink in an eye, its not out of the question that wrestling can be so un profitable that no-one can afford to even own a ring

So imagine this, WWE and any other wrestling related thing you care to name were to be simply discontinued, ending the medium as a whole across the board, WHAT THEN?

Will it be added to the memorial wall of entertainment the same way The gladiator Games did?
Or will it chucked into the trash along with Bear Baiting and Minstrel shows?

see the irony in those those examples? okay whatever

regardless where in history it will ultimately be placed, in the wake of complete dissapearance WHAT WILL YOUR POSSIBLE THOUGHTS FEELINGS REACTIONS AND OR PLANS BE?

For me I will be glad if it does

Why Happy?
Because just like video gaming in the wake of Take Back Mass Effect and Ollie North being CODs pitchman wrestling has little to no possibility of retribution. Pop culture in its attempts to consume everything and sterotype/demonize anything that Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black and any Football Star you care to name hasn't given their seal of approval to in Entertainment Weekly not to mention F***ING Corporate America as a whole has seen to that.

The broken goods will be finally put to rest, no-one will be able to hurt it anymore short of the discovery of an archaeologally found scandal within the ruins

Efeds,memorabilia, botch reels, CAW presentations, fantasy booking,fan made games etc will BE the wrestling biz, mostly non profit sure but will all that can be possibly had outside of "backyarding"

More possibility of conceptive innovation imagination freshness and variety than wrestling nowadays can ever achive

If anybody on this forum works in the wrestling biz or MAKES A LIVING OFF OF IT in some way then your would-be scorn will be understandable aswell
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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