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I'm hoping for something like

1. Raw MITB

2. Not really hoping for this one but if there's going to be a squash match it should be second

3. Sheamus (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

4. Smackdown MITB

5. CM Punk (c) vs Daniel Bryan with AJ as the special guest referee

How would you like to see the matches?

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2) Divas shit
3) Sheamus/Del Rio
4) Brodus Clay squash
6) Ryback squash
7) Punk/Bryan/AJ

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I wouldn't be surprised the if the actual World Heavyweight title match opened the show, with the SD MITB being somewhere in the middle. Although the more likely lineup would be:

1) Smackdown MITB
2) Brodus
3) WHC match
4) Ryback squash
5) WWE title match
6) Divas match
7) WWE title MITB

I'm 100% confident that the WWE title MITB will main event this PPV. It's not right, but it will happen.

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1. Sheamus (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

2. Smackdown MITB

3. kofi/truth vs hunico/camacho

4. Raw MITB

5. CM Punk (c) vs Daniel Bryan with AJ as the special guest referee

there's a good chance wwe title match will close the show.

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1. Wwe title MITB
2. Filler match
3. Sheamus vs Del Rio
4. World title MITB
5. Diva match
6. Wwe title match

Im pretty sure wwe is gonna end with punk/bryab as they been building this as the main event. I think start off huge tonight with the raw MITB.
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