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What Wildcard Would of Done to RAW's World Tag Title Scene for WM-XX

The whole RAW tag scene has been in shambles as of late, and the upcoming fatal four way match has been thrown together without any story-line. What would of Wildcard done to build up RAW's World Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania?

5 Way Scramble Tag Elimination Match
Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak (c) vs. S.H.I.T. Rosey & Hurricane vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Storm & Venis* vs. La Resistance

*This storyline could work without Storm and Venis, but I know alot of people including me would want him in WrestleMania in any capacity.

RAW 2/16
Evolution accidentally coax Bischoff into making fun of Mr. McMahon with the Monday Night War DVD in hand. McMahon of course is standing right behind Bischoff. McMahon sets up the match between him Bischoff next week. Bischoff in a fit of surprise and anger and sets up Batista and Flair in a tag title match against... Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade?!

Before their tag title shot, Hurricane & Rosey and Storm & Venis wish Cade & Jindrak good luck against Evolution. Hurricane calls dibs on the first title shot once C & J win. Storm cabbage-patches his way into the conversation and says him and Venis will get the first title shot. Jindrak says they've got to win the titles first before anybody gets a shot. They all agree and cheer on C & J.

Near the end of the match, Orton shows up and RKO's Jindrak. Foley comes down knocks out Orton with a chair. As Foley leaves, Dudleyz run down and give Batista the 3D. Cade gets the pin on Batista and gets the 3 count. Jindrak celebrates, but Bubba lays him out with the chair Foley left behind. Cade is still celebrating, but walks right into a 3D. Bubba gets on the mic, says the Dudleyz are getting the first title shot from these two punk-asses. Screw Hurricane and Rosey, Screw Storm and Venis and screw the fans! Heel-turn complete.

RAW 2/23

Evolution storm Bischoff's office and ask for a rematch. Bischoff, still pissed from last week says no. He's got better things to worry about (Mr. McMahon). He says a triple threat #1 contender's match has already been signed for the #1 contendership to the tag titles.

Evolution severely beats down Foley as revenge and fun.

Hurricane & Rosey vs. Lance Storm & Val Venis vs. Dudleyz. Match goes on, but La Resistance storms the ring and lays out everybody but the Dudleyz. Now, they're a new La Resistance, the feared bad-assed version their promos suggested they would be. The match is declared a No contest as the Dudleyz stand confused and La Resistance stands dominant.

C & J are interviewed about the happenings of La Resistance and the Dudleyz, and say they are shocked but they're not afraid. La Resistance attacks them from behind and say "That's right! N'ayez Pas Peur!" (Don't Be Afraid!)

RAW 3/1

The four teams are in the ring (not including the champs for "security purposes") Bischoff announces a "5 Way Scramble Tag match at WrestleMania for the titles. Bischoff says that in this No DQ Elimination match, there will be two random people standing in each corner as two people start the match off. Anybody can be tagged in even if they aren't your partner, but if either you or your partner is pinned your out of there. The last team will be the tag champs. Dudleyz and La Resistance look pissed Bischoff announces that tonight that Hurricane & Rosey will team with Lance and Venis against La Resistance and the Dudleyz. As Bischoff leaves, JR mentions he thinks Rosey & Hurricane can cooperate with Storm and Venis, but there's no way in hell the Dudleyz can work with La Resistance. Bischoff adds before he walks behind the curtain, Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade are the special referees tonight.

During the match, Venis thinks Jindrak is counting too slow and threatens him. Hurricane confronts Venis, but Venis punches Hurricane and Storm goes after Rosey. Venis and Storm finish pummeling their partners but walk into a 3D and a H-Bomb, respectively. Bubba pins Venis and Rob Conway pins Storm. Double 3 count from Cade and Jindrak. Jindrak raises Rene and D'Von's arms while Cade raises Bubba's and Conway's arms as the crowd boos. But wait, there's more! The two tandems stomp a mudhole in C & J, and D'Von pulls out a table and 3D Cade through a table. La Resistance wants some wood so Conway pulls out a table and they H-Bomb Jindrak. The two teams shake hands and stand victorious in the middle of the ring. King says he guesses JR was wrong about the Dudz and La Resistance not cooperating. JR says he'll be damned.

Dudleyz are interviewed asking them about what did they did earlier tonight, but they say they aren't French sympathizers, but just want to align themselves with a dominant tag team. Who betta than La Resistance?

RAW 3/8

JR and the King announce that tonight there will be 2 tag matches tonight. Hurricane and Rosey will fight Storm & Venis while Jindrak and Cade will fight The Dudleyz in an elimination table match.

In the back, Hurricane and Rosey say they've got C & J's back if C & J has their's.

After Storm and Venis defeat Hurricane & Rosey, La Resistance comes down and attacks them, but C & J get the save for Hurricane & Rosey.

In the elimination table match, Cade and D'von are eliminated after a flapjack and a backdrop over the top rope through tables, respectively. Jindrak is about to suplex Bubba through a table but La Resistance comes down and yanks the table away. A three on one beatdown ensues. A triple powerbomb is about to happen but as Jindrak is about to be put through a table, the lights go out, and we hear "Stand back, there's a Hurricane comin' through!" and music. As the lights come back on La Resistance is gone laid out on the outside as Bubba wonders what the hell just happened. (He put down Jindrak.) We see Hurricane standing behind Bubba and taps him on his shoulder. Bubba turns around and gets an enzeguri sending him lying flat prone on the table. Rosey slides into the ring and wakes up Jindrak. Rosey sits on top of the turnbuckle and Jindrak leaps off his shoulders to put Bubba through a table. Jindrak, Hurricane and Rosey stand tall in the ring. Val and Storm hit the ring out of the audience. Storm superkicks Rosey down, Val whips Rosey's giant self into an already set up table in the corner. This leaves Jindrak by himself. Val gets behind Jindrak with a waistlock as Lance sets up a table behind them. Superkick to Jindrak and Val does the rest with a german release suplex through the table. Jindrak is lying in pieces of wood as Storm and Venis now stand as the dominant team going into WrestleMania.

WrestleMania XX 3/14
Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade defy all the odds and win the 5 Way Scramble Tag Team Match. (Now, they can go on to become cocky heel bastards ala Edge and Christian after WrestleMania 2000.)

Gimme any feedback, comments, hate-mail you may have....

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^Oops. Forgot about that. I focused more on the storyline rather the match itself.
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