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what was your favorite wrestlemania 21 movie parody?

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I have to say mine was the pulp fiction parody with Booker T and Eddie Guerrero.

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The Basic Instinct one was probably the funniest overall, but I like the A Few Good Men promo the best.

Maybe it's because JBL, my favourite wrestler (well, other favourite wrestler with Austin) is parodying Jack, my favourite actor, but I love that one.

Undertaker's Dirty Harry one is hilarious as well just for the look at the end of the video.

That guy's face before he gets his head blown off is SO cheesy, that it's just amazing. :lmao

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Bravehart for sure... Triple H , Flair and a donkey = Win Flair WOOOOOOOOO-ing in the donkeys face lol...
Second favourite has to be Taxi driver.

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