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What was the point of JR tonight?

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Why would they bring him on to commentate a jobber match and then leave right after

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Maybe he didn't want to be there and felt obligated to seeing as how he was the voice of Raw for 15 years so he figured he'd just come in for one match and call it a day.
I would have loved to see him call Cena/Punk.
A jobber match? That was basically the next batch of top stars behind cena/punk
To make us like Sheamus for a second there when JR was commentating he almost had me fooled
To slightly pacify everyone even if it is only for ten minutes. Any JR is better than no JR I suppose.
I would have rather had him call the main event. He would have sold the fuck out of Punk's turn.
I'd rather listen to Cole than JR. He's really started to bug me the past few years. idunno I
'm just not a fan of his style of commentating anymore. He has 3 voices. Normal, which is robotic, excited/shocked/pumped/appalled/its all the same, which is a louder robot, and super serious, which only happens when someone dies or he's trying really hard to make us forget whatever "life-altering,career changing" tragic stunt we just watched is really dumb and unrealistic.
To get a cheap plug for his barbecue sauce. I know I'm not the only one who caught that.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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