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Mine is.

1. Stone Cold
2. The Rock
3. HHH
4. The Undertaker
5. Mankind
6. Vince McMahon
7. Kurt Angle
8. Chris Jericho
9. Kane
10.Chris Benoit
11.HBK (mainly because of retirement)

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1A. Austin
1B. Rock
*In 1998-1999, Austin was more on top even though the Rock outdrew him in 1999. 2000? The Rock led the WWF to the biggest profit making year of all time. 2001? Rock vs Austin drew more than any wrestling PPV in American history. Rock headlined Summerslam 2001 and Survivor Series 2001? They both were on top. Royal Rumble 2001? Austin won but the Rock's addition to the match kept the crowd hot and active longer.
2002? Rock vs Hogan was the centerpiece of WM 18 and Rock vs Brock headlined Summerslam. That about says it all for that.

As for 3-5? Cripple H, Taker, and Kurt Angle. Cripple H was pushed hard but he never was actually put over the Undertaker in any facet at all. Foley was very over by the time he became the Rock's sidekick but he was used to put guys over even though he won alot of matches against Taker before 1998.

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1) Austin
2) Rock
3) Vince (if you count him)
4) Undertaker
5) HHH
6) Foley
7) Kurt Angle
8) Stephanie McMahon (if you count her)
9) Shane McMahon (if you count him)

Couldn't decide on a 10th. Austin was for most of the years seen as the top guy and number 1, with Rock number 2 for most of them. Vince may not count because he's an authority figure, but if we do count him he was just as influential in the attitude era as Austin was. Undertaker was also a big player 1998-mid 1999, and was a big player in the first half of 2001, though during the Invasion Angle he took a back seat to guys like Jericho and Angle. And in 2002, he was big with his heel run, his undisputed title run, and his time on SD where he put over Lesnar as the number 1 guy in the company. For HHH, 2000 he really started kicking things up and he received major pushing. 2001 he probably should've turned face, but the year got cut short and he never did. When he returned in 2002 he was a really over face and had a "big superstar" aura about him that hadn't been there since 2000. 2002 he was a major player in on Raw for the last quarter of the year and actually a major player during the first quarter of the year.

And meh, that's all I feel like explaining in detail. The top 5. But to put it simply for the other two wrestlers on the list, Foley was really popular in late 98 to 2000, put over HHH as the top heel, and had a very successful feud and tag team with Rock in 1999. Angle's opening year was gold and from 2000-2002 he was great and a top 5 guy in the company. Very entertaining as goofball Angle, and he had some great years.

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If your gonna count 2002 also then:
1A. Stone Cold
1B. The Rock
3. Triple H
4. Taker
5. Foley
6. Angle
7. Kane
8. Jericho

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Why do people include vince mcmahon in the fucking list? Are we going to include shane, stephanie as well? why not Eric bischoff and paul heyman from 2003?
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