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What was the biggest upset in WWE history?

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there's been plenty, but one that comes to mind a lot is when sheamus won the title from cena at 2010 tlc. Was in shock.

Another big one was when Shelton Benjamin pinned HHH.

What your biggest upset?
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Re: What was the biggest upset in wwe history?

Maven eliminating the Undertaker then beating him on Smackdown
Re: What was the biggest upset in wwe history?

maven won on smackdown due to a rock bottom that to me dosent count. shelton pinning hhh was good. hogan pinning andre (the slam) or the rocks debut win. maybe even warrior beating hogan wm
The original upset of course: The Kid beating Razor Ramon on Raw
123 Kid beating Razor Ramon. No interference needed, no overbooking. Pure and clean upset.
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I was certainly very upset when Edge retired

8*D 8*D
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John Cena pinning Brock Lesnar after that beating (of what I recall recently).
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The original upset of course: The Kid beating Razor Ramon on Raw
Well, it was surprising(not the loss but the match itself) and had a huge backlash. Sheamus VS Daniel Bryan WrestleMania 28.
Sheamus winning his first WWE title, really did come out of nowhere
Brooklyn Brawler beating HHH.
Yeah, this for sure. Hunter refused to lose to so many people, but did a job to Brooklyn Brawler of all people.

And of course, 123 Kid beating Razor Ramon.


Chyna winning the Corporate Royal Rumble
Shane McMahon beating Big Show at Backlash 2001 (I mean come on, its Shane, a completely untrained regular Joe, beating Big Show)
Vince winning the 1999 Royal Rumble
Maven eliminating Undertaker from the 2002 Royal Rumble and then beating him (with help from the Rock)
Jericho beating Triple H on Raw in 2000 for the WWF Title (before it was reversed, that was a HUGE upset)
The Hurricane pinning the Rock on Raw in 2003 (something I'm sure Rock316AE will agree with me on)
Gunner Scott beating Booker T
Paul London and Billy Kidman beating the Dudley Boys for the tag titles
Maven pinning Batista
Vladimir Kozlov beating Undertaker
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Rey Mysterio winning the World Title
Shelton Benjamin pinning HHH
Daniel Bryan winning the MITB (easily the biggest upset of ALL TIME)
Jericho beating HHH for the WWE title on RAW 2000.
I'm going to come out of left field here and say Sgt. Slaughter over Ultimate Warrior. I dont think anybody saw that coming.
totally forgot about kozlov beating taker
123 Kid over Razor.

Any other answer is factually incorrect.
Jericho/Benoit beating the Two-Man Power Trip (Austin/HHH) for the Tag Team Titles.
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