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In my personal opinion I don't like Coach. He was vine before he became a heel now he is just, boring, rude, and stupid. They could always put him on Heat and never let him come back to Raw, but people watch Heat so we have to make a story line to make Coach good again....

(My Story Line) Tommy Dreamer has a match on raw against Test (Or some other heel, don't ask me how he got the match... he beat him on heat. There!) Test wins and Coach comes out to bad mouth Dreamer like he had done on Heat the previous night.Dreamer hits Coach right on the head with his Kendo Stick. It brakes in half and Coach falls down. No only does Coach fall down he doesn't get up. They just leave him there, until Bischof gets the EMTs out there. About 45 minutes later we get news that Coach is awake. JR and King are sad as well as every one at home. They show Coach it the back but he isn't his self he is... loopy. He is asking who and what everything is, and saying how funny Bichof looks. COACH HAS LOST HIS MEMORY! The folowing weeks We see clips of Coach trying to remember things, and failing misrably at everything. On heat Teddy Long will take his place so the public can enjoy and entertaining heel. One day Eric gets very frustrated and tells Coach to come out. Coach comes out loopy as ever and listens as Bichof yells at him at lectures him. Suddenly Coach says that he remembers everything and smiles like the slime ball he is. The crowd is unhappy and starts booing and cringing at the thought of out Coach. Eric says good job... and Coach hits him in the face. "I remember you using me to do all of you dirty work" Coach says and leave to the back. Coach is good again. The End
P.S. I CAN NOT SPELL AT ALL! Sorry about that
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