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What to do on Thursday?

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I was just wondering with what went down Sunday, how would you guys book this Thursday's impact?

Would you have a story explaining it? Would you just ignore it and say Sting just beat Hardy super quick?

IMO it has too much exposure to be ignored. They need to run some kind of angle. I think Immortal needs to be visually upset on camera. Someone needs to point out that he was probably high and thats why Sting beat him so quickly.

I think this should start an angle of Immortal looking for their new poster boy. IMO it should be Crimson that joins Immortal. He can say he helped Angle and Fourtune and then he was forgotten. They can have matches were Crimson gets beat down and no one helps him, which eventually will lead to his turn.

Also I think it's a must to have a world title match on Impact. The people that bought the ppv were robbed of a title match and they need one. Make a 3 way with Anderson and RVD challenging Sting.

So feel free to comment on my ideas, or provide your own idea as to how Impact should be booked to explain this.
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They could be then a group consisting of Gunner Murphy, Rob Terry and Crimson alot worse off than one containing Gunner, Murphy, Rob Terry and the Hardy's. They need to put someone big in to replace Hardy. SOmeone that makes sense to put in. Like RVD.

Now that would confuse people but since immortal came in RVD has been pushed aside. i could believe RVD helping immortal to get his belt back. No more number one contenders matches just RVD thrown into a math against Sting (who beat thehell out of him with a bat and still RVD has done nothing. He could say he's annoyed the network gave someone like Sting a title shot and he knows the only way for him to get one is buy being in Immortal. Then we can have RVD vs Sting and then RVD vs Anderson. And it would still fit in with the Fourtune Immortal story for RVD vs AJ Styles.

As much as Crimson has impressed me with the few times ive seen him i wouldn't like such a big role to go to him. Also id prefer him just to come and be like hey fourtune i helped you in your turn and you've palmed me off now im gunna kick your ass and give us Crimson vs Kaz and Crimson vs AJ Styles as ways to build him up.

To explain Hardy id just have Hogan denounce him and say Hardy proved he couldnt handle being a leading light then when he comes back id just have him go on a losing streak (like WCW did with Scott Hall and his drinking)leading to a hardy vs hardy fued with Matt trying to save his brother. Im not a fan of either hardy so let them wrestler eachother and keep them out of the way. As much as id like to say they should just fire Jeff for it his character is too big at the moment to just send away forever.
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