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What musicians will be performing at Wrestlemania this year?

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I havent seen a list or anything on any of the WM cards ive read.
If its already been asked then sorry, My internets playing up and wont let me search through the wrestlemania section on here :(
I hope its good!
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Johnny Cash. 8*D
Ain't no grave can hold his body down...
Thanks :)Hope everyone enjoys it!
I'll mark for GWAR murdering effigies of Cena and Hogan
i heard the MIZfits are playing
I am, I have an hour and a half violin piece i intend on playing for everyone, once to start and once to close the show
I hope the crowd boo's the shit outta bieber
Rebecca Black.

Nabz™;9524633 said:
I hope the crowd boo's the shit outta bieber
There's no Bieber. He was scheduled to do America the Beautiful, and that got changed.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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