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What is Next for Curt Hawkins

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What do you guys think is next for him? Before everyone says "being wished the best of luck in his future endeavors", we should take a second to go over what he has done so far in his career in WWE. He was signed in 2006 and came in as 1 half of the major brothers with Zack Ryder. They won the tag titles after turning heel and becoming The Rated-R Entourage and aligning with edge. Hawkins and Ryder were the youngest tag champions in wwe history holding the titles for 2 months before dropping them to Primo and Carlito. When Ryder was drafted to ECW Hawkins went back to fcw for a while before coming back in 2010 with Vance Archer where he mostly had superstars matches until Archer was released. After floating around as a jobber/dark match guy he teamed with Tyler Reks and was a part of the revamped "c-show" nxt after some controversial youtube videos and it looked like Reks/Hawkins were going to become more prominently featured on the bookerT era of smackdown until Reks asked for his release.

Now that brings us to today what I would really like to see is Hawkins becoming a singles guy as he has always been stuck in a team. Have him make a few backstage appearances on smackdown where he talks about being held back by his partners. Eventually re-introduce Mason Ryan as his body guard and have him feud with Ryder who he blames for being typecast as a tag team guy. Give him an impact finisher and walla you have a credible midcard heel. Even if he ends up being lost in the shuffle and on superstars and the like, his character will still have some development and being a young up and comer he will be fine in the long run. What do you guys think?
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He'll more than likely just go back to jobbing on Superstars and maybe even Saturday Morning Slam
Here are the options (by order of probability)
1 - Keep Jobbing
2 - Gets released
3 - Tag Team With Some Random Guy
4 - Tag Team with Zack Ryder
Major Broskis Reunion.
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