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I was doing some thinking, trying to figure out a way to make the HHH vs Everyone feud a little more interesting. What do you guys think?

Since all but Cena, Punk, Sheamus and Orton are "backing" HHH, with the remainder of the roster against HHH, I think this would be the time to bring in some of the FCW talent. Bring in Castagnoli, Black, Moxley and Hero (if he is signed) to be the beginning of a "new" WWE, without the HHH haters...at least that's how you bring them in at first. They could stay as a faction, or go on to be single competitors (with the exception of Castagnoli and Hero). I'd rather have them as singles going forward, but right off the bat, you've got to have them stay as a group, with a little help from the HHH backers.

There are many different ways you could take the angle from there, but here's what I would do. Not as a reboot (again) of NXT, but as a "new blood" type of storyline. The new guys wouldn't have a problem with the old guys, in theory. HHH can bring in guys who want to be a part of WWE, but were never given the chance. The old guys can hate the new guys, but only because HHH brought them in to replace them. That way, you can take HHH away from the storyline soon after it gets going, letting all of the wrestlers "do the talking in the ring", as the old saying goes.

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