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What if??

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This music hits the arena again? how will u react? haha..

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I would firstly be slightly concerned because the whole point of Triple H having that theme was that it was his time to shine and his time to dominate the WWE so him returning with that theme would have me believe he was returning to be dominant all over again. A decade ago i could have accepted Triple H on top because in between mid 1999 and mid 2001 i don't believe there was anyone in the world better all round than Triple H but that was a decade ago and not now.

Funnily enough i actually posted about the "My Time" theme song a few weeks ago when we were discussing The Core theme song "End of Days" which i said just didn't do that stable any good at all and would be much more suited to "My Time" instead. I wouldn't usually be a fan of new wrestler's using old theme song's but Randy Orton actually used "This Fire Burns" before CM Punk ever did and Hulk Hogan's "Real American" was actually first used by Mike Rotunda or IRS to most so The Core using "My Time" would have worked for me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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