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What if Vince runs for the presidency ?

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We all know that USA seems to love to elect public personalities, like actors : Reagan, Schwarznegger ...

Do you think that Vincent Kennedy "Vince" McMahon would have any chances to become the US president or at least to become one senator or one congressman and could you vote for him ? :cool2
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For a guy who is so out of touch with the people? Hell no, I'd never vote for this prick.

Because when I think of "leader of the free world" I think of a petty, spiteful, misogynistic, narcissistic, racist Republican with dated views that lives in a pro-wrestling bubble.
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:mcgee3 Lmao I can already see the political ads of Vince saying *****, make Trish bark like a puppy, and all of the things he has done over the years...
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World War 3 would have his name written all over.

Plus he's a cunt of the highest order!
All they need to do, is air a commercial being like "if you vote for vince mcmahon, you'll just be joining his club", and then show his famous club that we used to see almost every year on raw.
The usa could do with a president who walks like this.

They could also play his theme song the next time theres a war.
He would fail big time. But I don't care. It's just america.
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Then the antichrist will have reveale4 itself....
"My fellow Americans....[morphs into Satan] YOUUUUU'RE FIRRRRRRRRRE4!!!"
No chance in hell. :vince2
I'd like to say it could never happen but Americans elected Bush and may actually elect Romney. As voters go they ain't the brightest.
Yup.. I can already see it if Vince runs for politics wrestlers going,to be forced to wear sesame street costumes and cena will come out sporting a barney outfit.

While Vince gets bashed by the media for all the shit he's done.
you'll see all the commercials slandering him with all WWE footage.
I hope not, but people would be dumb enough to vote for him. Vince knows nothing about politics and no politics within his company doesn't count.
Linda and senate - PG
Vince and presidency - Cartoons .
The US of A will go back to the Stone Age if this dumbass becomes the president.
doesn't matter who it is.....prez really has no power
I would love to see him as president in a comedy movie or something. Theres plenty of good material to use.
The same idiots who have WWE related pictures and Vince McMahon signatures, are the same people bashing him and the company over and over. The vapid stupidity of people online is hilarious.
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