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What would be best Organization?

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What if Vince never bought ECW or WCW

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What would be the sitiuation of Vince never bought WCW/ECW back in 2001.

Who would be on top right now? With the highest ratings/ Best wrestler
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wwe would be on top, wcw was doomed as soon as the aol time warner merger happened, and ecw was also on it last legs. wcw would be where tna is now and i really don't know about ecw but i don't think they would still be open today.

Both wcw and ecw where not making any money at all, theres no way they could have survived if Vince didn't buy them.
Valid points but Im just think fans are getting pissed with the whole PG era. WWE still would have lots of viewers with all the kids and that.
There is only TNA that can fight the WWE. But a full up and running WCW and ECW with no financial difficulties would be making the WWE sweat.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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