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What if Vince never bought ECW or WCW

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What would be the sitiuation of Vince never bought WCW/ECW back in 2001.

Who would be on top right now? With the highest ratings/ Best wrestler
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ECW and WCW would have died anyway, and the WWE wouldn't have owned their tapes which would have sucked. But if WCW somehow managed to stay afloat with financial backing they'd probably be competing with TNA for second spot (or TNA wouldn't have started cause Jarrett was a WCW guy), their production quality had gone down considerably towards the end and their ratings too so the WWE would have stayed dominant. Hell, the WWE might have actually been better off without the Invasion, because they were on a roll with great shows in 2000. WCW would have revolved around the likes of Steiner, Booker T, Jarrett, the Natural Born Thrillers (O'Haire, Jindrak etc) and possibly Rey Mysterio down the line. In the WWF Austin would have had a better heel run, Angle would still have been pushed hard as the top babyface, Jericho would have had a bigger push. Had ECW stayed alive, they would have remained the third company, in 2001 they lacked star power and interesting storylines that they used to have, that special feeling was gone a bit. RVD probably would have been picked up by the WWF anyway in 2001/2002, the show would have revolved around guys like Tommy Dreamer, CW Anderson and Japanese wrestlers such as Masato Tanaka; i.e. guys they knew wouldn't be picked up by WCW or WWF anyway. ECW could have been incredible in 2002/2003 though with new guys like Low Ki, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson.
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