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to battle the reformed ‘Elite’ nWo? It was one of those things we missed out on; to see their reactions. The angle quickly came and went without these guys. Sting and Savage (to a certain extent) had been betrayed by Nash and Luger. Hart betrayed by Hogan (turning on Sting, not knowing the big picture). Hennig betrayed by the B team, namely Stevie Ray. Souled Out ’99 was 10 days after the fingerpoke of doom, storylines were going nowhere. If they all made themselves available, we could have had things like (on Nitro, Superbrawl, Uncensored):

WHC: Hart vs. Hogan (current champ)
Sting vs. Nash
Sting vs. Luger
Savage vs. Nash
Sting/Savage vs. Nash/Luger
US Title: Hart (current champ) vs. Nash
US Title: Hart vs. Hall
Hennig restored to the peak powers of his initial push in ’97. He could go through the B-team. And to my knowledge, he never faced Hall or Nash.
Hart/Hennig as tag champs (titles were vacated the Thunder before TFPOD.)
Tag Titles: Hart/Hennig vs. The Outsiders
Tag Titles: Hart/Hennig vs. Steiner/Buff
TV Title: Hennig vs. Steiner (current champ)

What do you think?

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I'm pretty sure the plan was for Sting and Savage to come back and join Goldberg in his battle against the NWO. Only when they did come back, the NWO was already gone. Hogan was injured, Luger was injured, Hall was drunk and Bagwell was babyface. Hennig was better off doing the ******** stuff. Hart eventually would feud with Nash after his comeback. The match at Great American Bash was set but canceled due to Owens death.

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The whole thing really fell apart once they split the group in two and everyone that had been fighting the nWo for like 2 years actually joined the group in one form or another. I always thought that when Sting won, the nWo should have been banished from WCW and had to start their own separate TV show and everything; like there should've been a brand split of some sorts.
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