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What if Matt Hardy came to TNA in 2005?

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If Matt Hardy was intrested in coming in 2005 how do you think TNA will treat him?
Have him Reunite with Jeff and be a tag team. (jeff was not world champion material back then)
Give hime a singles push and win the World Title
or place him in the X Division and eventually win the belt
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They would have pushed him as a main eventer and likely given him a World Title run. He would have done some tag matches with Jeff against America's Most Wanted.
It wouldn't have had the same effect. In my opinion, he likely would have only been there for a short run and then returned to the WWE with Jeff.
He might have got a shot in the main event, since TNA's roster in 2005 was thin on main event talent.
Yeah, TNA's roster has never been as stacked as it is now.

He doesn't stand a chance at main eventing today (unless Jeff pulls some serious political strings) but in '05 he actually would've been an asset to the company.
with the matt hardy of 2005...

it would have been a nice run
TNA wouldn't have been anywhere near as good.
if he'd come in to TNA in 2005, I still would'nt care!

he's the Marty Jannetty of the current generation of stars in my view, and I will never find him interesting (I don't find Jeff interesting either, but I find Matt even less so!)
What if Orlando Jordan came to TNA in 2005? Would he finally turn babyface for the first time ever
It would of been alot more enjoyable, and he would of put on damn good matches. Now its un-enjoyable, and he puts on shit matches.
He might've gotten Christian's push, and maybe his sanity would still be intact.
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Matt should forget about wrestling at this point. He should get his ass down to the butterfly lounge and find himself a BIG LADY!

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