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So as most or all of us know by now, Edge won the very first MITB in 2005 and cashed in successfully on John Cena in early 2006. However I was thinking, with as much as Edge accomplished in his career, how different could it have been, if instead of Triple H feuding with Kane in late 2002, it was Edge. And then also what if Edge took the title from Triple H at No Mercy 2002 where he'd just be turning 28.

Imagine Edge in place of Kane at the Elimination Chamber match at SS with Triple H, Michaels, RVD, Jericho and Booker T. I'd have Edge retain with Booker being the last to be eliminated--re-sparking that feud. Triple H and Michaels could feud without the belt.

After Edge keeps his title in his feud with Booker (with Booker looking strong throughout), he could then go on to feud with Michaels for the strap--where'd he go over and retain.

Edge could then feud with Evolution and lose the title to Triple H, at say the RR 2003.

He tries to regain his title, but never can due to Evolution until he has a HIAC match with Triple H at WM XIX and wins it.

The next night, Goldberg debuts and spears Edge, setting up their match at Backlash, which Goldberg wins and takes the title.

Edge gets his rematch at Judgement Day but fails to take his title from Goldberg.

For the next two months, Edge can feud with Christian, where he wins at Bad Blood and on a Raw to end the feud. Then at Summerslam, he can enter the Elimination Chamber match with Goldberg (c), Triple H, Michaels, Jericho, Austin (returning) in place of Nash, and RVD instead of Orton--Goldberg retains after eliminating Austin last.

Edge and Jericho feud and have a match at Unforgiven and then Booker could get involved and win a huge triple threat match between the three, on the go home show before Survivor Series. Booker and Edge come to peace and are on the same team at Survivor. Edge and Jeff Hardy (doesn't get released) replace the Dudley's in the 5-on-5 match and wins, leaving Austin still GM of Raw.

Edge can feud with Mark Henry and have a match at Armageddon--where he goes over.

Edge wins the 2004 Rumble instead of Benoit.

Edge is in the WHC triple threat match at WM XX, instead of Michaels, where he wins the title back, pinning Triple H.

Edge then starts a feud with Benoit and they have match at Backlash, where Edge retains in a controversial finish. They continue to feud and a few weeks later, they have a main event match for the title and Kane interferes and costs Edge the belt.

Edge and Kane feud up and have their first ppv match at Bad Blood, where Kane wins in a cage match. They have a last man standing match at Vengeance, which Edge wins. And at Summerslam, Edge wins the rubber match in a Buried Alive Match.

At the point, Orton (still heel) hasn't won the WHC yet and starts a feud with Edge. Edge beats Orton at Unforgiven in a ladder match. At Taboo Tuesday, Orton costs Edge his chance at getting the WHC title back from Benoit. Edge and Orton have a HIAC match at Survivor 2004. Orton injures Edge in the match and he's out until the Raw after WM 21, where Benjamin won the briefcase. Orton and Edge have a loser leaves Raw match at Backlash 2005 and Edge wins, sending Orton to Smackdown.

Edge gets screwed in a number one contender's match for the WHC against Muhammad Hassan, by Eric Bischoff at Vengeance. Edge and Bischoff feud and finally have a match (No holds barred) at Summerslam, which Kane returns to after a year and cost Edge the match.

Mick Foley returns the next Raw and comes to the aid of Edge. Edge/Foley face Kane/Bischoff in a tag team match at Unforgiven, where Edge and Foley win. After the match, Kane and Bischoff brutally beat down Edge and Foley, injuring Foley.

Bischoff suspends (recovering from an injury) Edge the next Raw and he's out of action until two weeks before Survivor Series, where he returns to Raw with Mick Foley, whose just coming back from injury. GM Austin bars Bischoff from ringside and Edge and Kane have an Inferno Barred Wire Match with Foley as special guest referee, at Survivor Series. Edge wins the match clean.

At New Year's Revolution 2006, Angle wins the WHC Elimination Chamber Match between Michaels, Carlito, Masters, Hassan and Jericho (didn't leave) Benjamin cashes in on Triple H for the WHC title and wins. Edge has a feud going with Flair and wins their first ppv match.

Orton wins the 2006 Rumble, instead of Mysterio. Edge gets eliminated by Johnny Nitro. Benjamin retains his WHC against Angle and Michaels. Angle gets pinned.

The Raw after the Rumble, during a singles match between Edge and Nitro, Foley gets involved and turns heel on Edge, giving Edge the dq win. Edge feuds with Nitro/Foley until WM, in a tables match, where if Edge wins, Foley is fired. Nitro turns on Foley at WM and hits Starship Pain from the top turnbuckle on Foley through a table on the outside. Edge sets Foley on fire afterwards and he Nitro become a team.

The Raw after WM 22, Lita joins Edge and Nitro and Nitro changes his name to John Morrison. Melina came to confront Morrison about how he treated her friend Foley and Morrison dumped her and Lita kicked her ass. The trio calls themselves The Rated R Superstar(s). And they have a live sex threesome with Lita.

The trio also refer to themselves as the Kings of Hardcore and get evade ECW each week, running through the competition. Funk returns and teams up with Dreamer and Beulah to face The Rated-R Superstars/Kings of Hardcore at ECW One Night Stand 2006. Edge, Morrison and Lita go over.

Anyone want to continue through Vengeance 2006?

- Benjamin is WHC
- Cena is WWE Champ and still on SD
- Golberg is still around.
- Jericho is still around
- No one is injured

Maybe they feud with Cena next?

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He wasn't ready then and Triple H was needed to establish the belt as a main event title. Besides, before his heel turn, fans were already starting to turn on him. Things worked out much better for everyone that his chance came later.

Benjamin was never World Championship material.

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Seems like quite a random proposition.

I was a huge Edgehead back in '02 but I'm happy with how things went for him and felt the stars aligned with his upward projection. He was on Smackdown in 2002 and was a big part of the roster as one of its top faces. Now remember, Kane had also returned from injury in 2002 and was really over in his main event program with Triple H (minus the Katie Vick thing and all that crap). HBK and Trips was the hottest thing going in the summer and fall of '02 so it was only natural that their feud be elevated to being contested for the title. Summerslam '02 started what was just a grudge feud but the title added depth to their rivalry.

The talent pool in 2002 was INSANE. Edge as the top midcard face of Smackdown was perfect for him at the time and he wasn't quite suited to be a top guy yet. He was also a face, and Edge as a main eventer and babyface just don't work in my opinion. I feel the same way with Jericho. Once the roster began to thin out it was then that the Money in the Bank match following his fresh heel turn could not have come at a better time. Edge showed that he could really shine when not being overshadowed by Rock, Austin, Hogan, Brock, and so forth.

I wouldn't have been against Edge taking the title off Triple H in 2002 but he fit Smackdown better and if there were anyone fit to drop the title to Edge, it would have been Kurt Angle. But it wasn't necessary, and to be honest, would have felt immature. John Cena was the perfect top babyface for Edge to feud with in his first year of main eventing Raw and pay-per-views.

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I remember reading somewhere that Edge was originally supposed to be in the Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series 2002 and he was gonna win the title.

Like the others mentioned, he wasn't ready to become champion yet and he suffered a neck injury in February 2003 that kept him out for a year, so it clearly wasn't the right time for Edge to become champion and if he had in 2002, the neck injury would've ruined it for him. Not only that but I've also heard that Triple H disliked Edge and didn't wanna work with him apparently.

In 2004, when Edge came back, he vowed to take all of Evolution down which was a promising angle and I thought they should've stuck with that angle until Wrestlemania 21 where Edge would take down the last member of the group, Triple H, and win the World Title off him but again it just wasn't the right time as things got in the way like the fans turning on Edge in the summer and Edge getting injured again even though he recovered quickly and would wrestle again couple months later, Batista getting over and fans wanting to see him take the belt off Haitch and there's still the problem of Triple H disliking Edge backstage.

Everything turned out fine the way it did and by the time Edge won the belt, he was ready and it was the right time. He grew into a great heel in his 2005 feuds against Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit and Matt Hardy and he made a much better heel champion than he did a face champion.
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