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what i think will happen to the Taker

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I heard a rumor that Taker will go up against Vince at survivor series in a burried alive match. This is how i see it happening if it does infact happen. I see Vince defeating Taker with the help of The big red machine. After the show ends. cameras catch a hand sprout out of the ground.
The next week on smackdown Vince comes down and introduces his newest acuisition.....Kane. Kane comes down to the ring and as he grabs the mic a video is played telling the fans that, he's coming. Like his build up to judgment day 2000 with the girls jumping rope in the preview. A few months go by, and kane has gone on a major losing streak. Everytime he has a match, the lights go out and he is found lying in the middle of the ring. Nobody around but Kanes oponent. Kane finally challenges this mystery person to a match at the royal rumble. and tells him to meet him there.
At the rumble Kane is in the ring. when the girls from the videos show up on the screen and chant hes coming, hes coming, hes......here. The lights go out. And the deadmans oldschool graveyard music hits. out slowly walks the dead man. He makes his way slowly to the ring to a huge ovation. he makes his way into the ring and just starts beating the crap out of kane. Taker wins.
The next week on smackdown kane confronts the Taker. Kane tells Taker that he wants a rematch but on his terms. Taker agrees and the two leave the ring.
A month later Kane is in the ring and he tells taker that the two of them are going to have a match at wrestlemania 20. The match....... a last man standing match. Taker agrees.
At mania the two go at it with Taker coming out on top and keeping his streak alive. After the match Taker announces his retirement.
thats how i see it playing out if it is true.
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It was all good until you said about Undertaker retireing. Undertaker will go on for a while yet, but I like the idea of it. Another Undertaker/Kane feud would be fantastic and of course the resorection of the old Undertaker. This is a great idea, except the retirement.

ya in a perfect world
I heard he wanted to retire because he wants to be with his daughter. But we'll have to see what he does.
I agree with A-Dust.


ok so don't spam..
That's not really spamming, I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and that's replying/rating people's posts. Unlike some of you people.
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