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Sometimes I just think back on some of the things I miss in today's wrestling. Basically, it all revolves around the illusion of wrestling being real even though we know it's not. We also know TV shows like Breaking bad or Game of Thrones aren't real yet we enjoy them because they make sense.

No on-air authority figures. I wish either TNA or WWE would just try this for a year or two. It seems as if every show has to open with some authority figure. Vickie, Triple H, Steph, Brad Maddox, Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan, Vince and so on. It would be such a fresh air having the "powers that be" be something that is rarely referenced. Kayfabe wise, the purpose of the people in charge isn't to take up time on air but to book matches between athletes competing for wrestling championships. Therefore, this is what their roles should be. If they are in the center of attention all the time it just feels stupid.

Good vs bad / good characters. The next thing I would do is that I would try to make good guys and bad guys. I would stop turning people and keep them that way, making turns something rare to behold. Instead, I would try to make the viewers know the characters they see on TV. Are they noble, jealous, cowardly and so on? With proper character development and depth, I believe the viewer would be interested in the character without having to flip flop them all the time.

Importance of championships. Make it clear that the wrestlers are fighting each other because they want to be champion. A grudge match every once in a while is fine, but it should be there because of personal vendetta. Every other time it should be about putting over the championship(s).

Cut back on the number of championships. One world, one mid tier and a set of tag titles, that's enough. It will make them more important and it will help the viewer understand what the wrestlers are fighting for.

Kayfabe. Stop trying to please the smart fans by throwing insider terms around in promos and so on. Both Dixie Carter and Triple H are currently doing this and it just causes the rest of the product to look stupid.

Stop referencing to the "WWE Universe" or the fans. The crowds that are in attendance are the spectators and are there to add to the atmosphere, and should NOT be an active part of the interaction between the characters. A bad guy should be able to get heat without having to resort to insulting the crowd / town and a good guy should be able to get cheers without sucking up to the crowd all the time. But in WWE especially, there's someone in every other promo who makes it clear that the characters are just there to "entertain you guys". No, they should be there to fight for the championship. Otherwise, what the characters in the show are saying is that they know that it's fake and that they are just there to entertain those watching. It's as if they are saying that they don't really care about the titles or the glory of being number one, since they know that it's just scripted. How many times have you been to a movie where the lead character suddenly stops, turns to the camera and says: "I know it's just a movie, I'm just here to entertain you guys in the theater". It's stupid and it does nothing but shatter the illusion that fans should be able to participate in when going to a wrestling show.
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