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What I hope and think well will see in the WWE in 2011

Christian screwing over Edge turning heel and winning the WWE title.

At some point Sting Vs Undertaker

Legends NXT

Dolph Ziggler Vs Michael McGillicuty (Jo Hennig) aka Mr Perfect wannabe VS Mr Perfect's son

Michael Cole forming a heel stable - a new twist on when McMahon had the Corporation. I think Cole could be made to be the new version of across between McMahon and Bobby Heenan.

Something to be decent to be done with Mark Henry, R-Truth, JTG, Kingston (because I'm bored)


Miz Vs Morrison at the Rumble for the Title

Sheamus being eliminated by HHH in the Rumble and HHH, Randy Ortion or Wade Barrett winning the Rumble.

David Hart Smith forming the NEW British Bulldogs

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Which ones did you hope and which ones did you think we will see??? Either way.... come out of 1995

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Which ones did you hope and which ones did you think we will see??? Either way.... come out of 1995
I miss 1995. That was a better time in pro wrestling. at least there were over the top characters then.

With exception to Triple H winning anything, I'm good with your suggestions.

I think Miz and Morrison will actually be the Rumble match. It's one time of the year you can get away with a crappy title match, no disrespect to each guy. Remember, this is the event that had Bob Holly go for the title. Miz and Morrison are much better than Holly (except when he was a racecar driver. He was actually cool then)

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A feud between Edge and Dolph over Vikki's attentions - LOL
Christian to interfere, leading to a triple threat match, which Christian will get screwed again.
Dolph turning face.

Kane searching for the Undertaker, after injuring Paul Bearer, to gain forgiveness.

Del Rio as WHC, but breifly held, if the brands merge.

If the brands do not merge - a potentially disastrous draw, if they put Dolph and Bryan in the same brand, since it will be the same (very good quality) match over and over again - putting all the other superstars to shame.

Dolph delivering a knee to the face of Kaval, in retribution of the knee to the face on their last match.

Swagger to be intercontinental champion, feuding with Kofi.

John Cena will suck.

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What I think will happen in 2011:

Triple H will squash Sheamus once he returns.

Nexus will split - Barrett will remain a higher midcarder/occasional maineventer (Much like CM Punk)
Gabriel will move to Smackdown, turn face and be a midcarder.
Slater will probaly stay on the Raw roster but mostly be on Superstars.
Otunga will stay on Raw and be a uppermidcarder
Harris will stay on Raw and be a midcarder.
Henning will move to Smackdown, be a midcarder, but mostly show up on Superstars.

Cena will win the WWE title....AGAIN.

Orton will gain another title reign.

Melina will turn heel.

Edge & Christian will reunite.

Dolph and Vickie will break up.

Alex Riley will be released.

Del Rio will be pushed to the main event scene.

Jericho will return and possibly turn face.

Miz will continue to be the Miz.

A stable will be formed between Miz/Riley (before he is released) and Cole.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will have a fued.

CM Punk and John Cena will fued.

Undertaker will return.

Hopes for what will happen in 2011.

Sheamus will be handled the same way with Triple H, that Kane was with Undertaker. When Triple H returns, even though people will expect Hunter to immediately go over Sheamus, have Sheamus still beat Triple H during their first couple of bouts.

Wade Barrett remains in the main event scene and wins the WWE/World title

John Cena turns heel.

Kaval begins to win matches and is viewed as a credible badass competitor.

Edge and Christian reunite.

Tyler Black debuts and is pushed.

Danielson is loses the nerd gimmick and gains his anti-superstar serious gimmick back.

Otunga is released.

Ziggler wins MITB and wins the WWE/World title

CM Punk remains heel and gets a credible WWE title reign.

Gabriel remains heel after Nexus and recieves a push.

Cole gets off the Miz's nuts (it's gotten old.)

Miz gets sent back to the midcard (he's "awesome" on the mic, but as a maineventer, he just isn't doing it for me.)

Del Rio wins the WWE/World title

Rey Mysterio finally starts to put people over.

Kane doesn't turn back into a jobber.

Hornswoggle is released.

Mcintyre recieves a mainevent push.

Cody Rhodes recieves a huge push

King retires from commentating and just fucks off.

Josh Mathews or Matt Stryker takes Kings spot as a commentator on Raw.

They get rid of this whole mystery GM bullshit.

Jericho returns.

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My hopes for 2011

Morrison gets a World Title run (Jeff Hardy was the last new face world champion)

The Miz goes back to the mid card where he belongs

CM Punk retires to be a commentator which he is really good at.

Edge faces Christian at Wrestlemania for the WHC.

Jericho returns to face Orton at Wrestlemania for the WWE Title.

Kofi Kingston finally gets the push he should have had last year.

Cody Rhodes moves to Raw and gets a main event push.

The Miz gets drafted to Smackdown along with Michael Cole.

Jack Swagger gets back to the main event scene.

Danielson is a main eventer by the end of the year.

Drew McIntyre gets his long deserved main event push.

Triple H burys Sheamus destroying him to the point where he is on Superstars every week.
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