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You've missed:

- Braun Strowman returning

- Samoa Joe brawling with Brock Lesnar after he choked out Paul Heyman the week before

- Big Cass turning heel on Enzo Amore

- Seth Rollins cutting promos with Bray Wyatt while revealing that he's on the WWE 2K18 cover

- Roman Reigns announcing that he'll be challenging the Universal Champion at Summerslam

- Dean Ambrose hurting The Miz's relationship with Maryse while somehow getting bear costumes involved in their feud

- Neville dominating the Cruiserweight division

- Titus O'Neal guiding Akira Tozawa and Apollo Crews with his Titus Brand

- Sheasaro winning the Raw tag titles from the Hardy Boyz

- Alexa Bliss ending Bayley's momentum

- Goldust and R-Truth cutting their respective special backstage promos to each other

- Corey Graves trying to help out Kurt Angle with some scandal that he's involved with in his emails


- Elias Samson starting a feud with Finn Balor by attacking him backstage.

Has Rollins injured anyone yet?

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Woman's first ever Money in the Bank ladder match was won by a man

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Monday Night Rematch
- Finn Bàlor looking out of place among heavyweights in a no.1 contender's match
- Roman Reigns video packages
- The Bear getting more pops than 90% of the roster
- ALesnar Bliss regressing the women's division back to Kelly Kelly Divas Division era and also delivering one of the WOAT segments
- Alicia Fox slaying my soul yelling on Facetime
- Random Crusierweight matches
- The same ol' Bray Wyatt promos (gossip wise: Bray has been eating JoJo out)

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Ultimately all you've missed is Joe is no longer toiling away in a crap feud with Rollins and is instead actually interesting and credible now as he feuds with Lesnar, and Strowman returned.

Amazingly though Rollins hasn't injured anyone else.

Apart from that the Womens Division is as bad as its ever been, Miz is as big of a jobber as he was in like 2012-2015 and has segments with bears every week. Brays still unwatchable. Just same old garbage WWE really.
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