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Well we're drawing down to the end if the year so i thought i would ask what everybodys favourite PPVs (opps..special shows) has been thus far?

I would have to go with Wrestlemania being my favourite. Overall was an excellent show (top 5 Mania of all time for me) and Brock-Reigns is one of my favourite matches ever.

Second for me would be Summerslam mostly for the Brock-Taker main event. Taker looked the best he's looked in years. Was overall really surprised with the quality of this match (minus the ending) especially when you compare it to Mania 30.

And third favourite for me would be Night Of Champions. Overall a good show and for me Rollins and Sting stole it. Rollins was amazing working two top notch quality matches back to back but i was flabbergasted (don't know if that's the correct word) at Sting. He was friggen incredible to me. What other guy that age has been able to perform at that level? It was such a damn shame it ended the way it did as this would of been the perfect last match for him. Just incredible.

What have been your favourite shows so far this year?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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