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What happens to Summer Rae?

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I know most people here probably don't give a shit about Summer Rae, but after Fandango seemed to have dumped her and another diva replaced her, what do you think happens now? Will she fade away or get a push in the divas division?
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Summer Rae, on Total Divas, went behind Brie's back and was apparently flirting with Daniel Bryan and this pissed off Brie hardcore. Brie went and talked to Fandango about it and Fandango took Summer Rae aside and basically told her to stop fucking around and ruining his reputation and career. I'm going to safely assume that she didn't take his advice, and furthermore, her bullshit with Natalya probably drove him to just be done with her.

Sure, she may be a good wrestler, but behind the scenes, she seems like a big slut who can't keep her hands off men and her legs closed.

Dude, TD is a scripted show. So naive, awww.
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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