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What happens if Sid wins the WCW Heavyweight Title at Starrcade 93

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Before his infamous fight with Arn Anderson in a hotel in October 1993, Sid had been taped to be the next WCW Heavyweight Champion by beating Vader at Starrcade. But he got fired and Ric Flair got the rightful spot in his hometown of Charlotte.

But what would have become of WCW if Sid had been champion? Would Hogan have come to WCW, would Flair have never been a main eventer again?
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I never really got the whole "they were going to do Sid vs. Vader at Starrcade" thing. Sid simply wasn't THAT over at the time if I recall and I don't seem to remember many clamoring for a face turn. Going with Flair was the right choice, though putting on that match for free on COTC a month before the Starrcade match is a head scratcher for sure.
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