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What happened to the GFX'ers + section?

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I remember I used to browse this forum without posting ever, but this place had some talented graphic artists. I used to see really cool signatures and poster competitions, and now it's all gone. What's the deal, what happened? And where did the graphic designers go? :S
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For me it was multiple things.

1) I fell into a creative rut and never got out of it. It felt like I was traversing the same well worn path every time I tried to make something new.

2) Life got in the way and I no longer had free time to make my own projects or fill requests.

3) Request threads became repetitive. Seeing requests for the same wrestlers became boring which resulted in me having difficulty getting motivated.

4)Not everyone followed the template for making requests which resulted in users making a request and expecting GFX'ers to find source images etc. There were also users that weren't very appreciative of people's time or effort. There have been instances were a user's request was filled then they'd constantly request revisions be made.

I don't see myself getting back into it because at the time I was using Photoshop CS5 and now we're on whatever version of CC, so it'd be like starting over again.

It's a shame that it died out though because I enjoyed seeing work from ChampvidDQ, A$AP, TheFourthWall and CJ.

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It really popped between 06-10 but as people (including myself) got older we just didn't have the time to sit around putting shit together anymore and a lot of those people (including myself) didn't even time to log on here anymore.

It was a good time though, this forum produced some pretty remarkable stuff back then.
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