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What Happened to Paul Wight/The Giant/Big Show?

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I remember those chokeslams. I remember that agility.

I don't remember seeing any of it when he came to the WWF. He seemed less intimidating all-around.

What happened?
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i think he had it in his contract when he first signed in 99 that he would get a title run, and that he would main event wrestlemania, either at 1999 or 2000, which he did in 2000

i heard that somewhere not sure if its true but sounds like it, i also heard in a taker interview on a canadian talk show he had to have a "talking to" with show for his lazyiness, he got lazy sometimes in the ring

anyways i use to like him, he was never a favorite of mine but he was ok, but lately now in his 40s he is alot older slower and can't do much, i remember him dropkicking off the top rope at havoc 98

him in the main event really shows the weakness of todays product, a aging slow stale man who can't even do a proper wrestling move who's title run never clicked in 1999
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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