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Hey folks,

I've stopped watching wrestling now for more than two years. I was wondering what exactly happened in the last two years in the wrestling world? I remember ECW was still broadcasted when I was still watching. I may try to find interest for wrestling again after my final examens in March, but a productive recap of the last two years and the current major feuds/stables would be highly appreciated and very helpful.

Thank you!


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Since 2009: Shawn Michaels retired after loosing to the Undertaker at Mania XXVI last year
WWE is pushing young talent: The Miz Sheamus and Jack Swagger have all been World Champions
Randy Orton is a babyface
Bret Hart came back and apparently left the WWE
Kane won his 2nd world title 12 years after his first
The Nexus group formed from the rookies of the orignal and 2nd seasons.The group Is now fronted by CM Punk on RAW.
Triple H, Undertaker and Chris Jericho are absent from the company
Batista left in May 2010

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Randy Orton is a huge babyface
John Cena still don't sell death
Batista left
Shawn Michaels retired
The Undertaker came back every year to beat somebody at mania
The Hardy Boys left ( Actually once was too fat and got fire )
Miz is the WWE champion and facing Lawler at the next ppv
CM Punk turned into the second coming of jesus
Christian ( Cage ) is back... but still is a glorified mid carder
Edge is a 10 times World Champion
John Morrison got 8 abs


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Hard to believe, i know.
No kidding.

What happened that Triple H and Chris Jericho are absent from the company? Last time when I saw Christian Cage he was World Champion in TNA. Does he have any success in WWE like he had in TNA? I wonder why Christian is no more with TNA. I just realize that there are many gaps to be filled seeing what happened in the last two years.
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