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What do you like to see?

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hey i know its my second poll in to days but ive been thinking a lot about good promos or a good match.
Today it seems really hard to come across wrestlers that can pull off both im talking about the young superstars more.

So i wanna know what you like to see most in the WWE a Wrestler that can pull off a good match or cut a good promo and add comments of what the WWE is lacking these days.

For me I like to see a good match with promos that can get enough hype but for the match to stand out over the promos.
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I like funny and controversial promo's more to be honest, but they all mix into one product.

The wrestling, well, kind of entertaining when it's not just the same old moves and routine which unfortunately is nowadays. If I was that interested in how they wrestled knowing it's storylined and scripted I would just watch MMA or UFC when I know it's serious.

Though the high flying stuff is kind of cool, it's less extreme in PG nowadays.
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