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What do you consider to be the biggest win in professional wrestling?

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As the title says.

What do you feel is the biggest win to ever occur? By this I mean made the hugest mark on the product and fans as well as advancing someones career?

For me the biggest win as of now has to be Brocks over The Undertaker. I have never seen a crowd so shocked or felt such shock from the product before. It has changed the future of WrestleMania and been a catalyst to the future change in the WWE.
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I can only speak from the 80's onwards so for me the biggest win is clearly the Warrior winning against Hogan. It took WWE's popularity to a whole new level. It was the first face vs face match. It was the first belt for belt match. It was the first time WWE's fanbase was completely split down the middle.

It created the biggest moment in wrestling. A lot has happened since then to elevate the WWE to greater heights I admit ... but in terms of match billing and victory, it was the greatest. The rest have been wins against a regime, or wins against authority figures etc .. but that was a pure wrestler vs wrestler moment.

I don't know about the younger kids who probably have their favourites, but you just had to be alive at that time to feel the truly global euphoria of the Hogan vs Warrior match and Warrior's win in the end.

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It's hard to pin-point one.

- Brock ending The Streak
- Austin winning the WWE championship at WM14
- Daniel Bryan winning the WHCWWE and defeating Trips
- John Cena winning the championship
- Hogan defeats Iron Shiek and lanching Hulkamania

Edit: Warrior/Hogan slipped my mind, that too.

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Hogan beating Andre wasn't a big win.

Hogan slamming Andre was a big moment (even though he'd done it twice before), But Hogan winning the match was very much expected and not such a big deal.
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