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I understand that there's probably no way to self-promote that doesn't make me look like an ass, but hopefully it's not SO bad.

Just curious if you guys caught NWA's Carnyland and what you thought.

I do a show called This Is The NWA and we've been discussing it.

YouTube Here: This Is The NWA Podcast

On All Podcast Platforms Here: linktr.ee/thenwapod

We'd love it if you folks have time, to give it some attention and let us know what you're thinking. We're trying to get thoughts outside the fanbase we've networked with so far.
We ALSO have a Discord: Join the NWA Fam Discord Server! -- if you wanna come hang and chat NWA wrestling old, new, or whatever. So far everybody in the #NWAFam has been really cool and we'd love to grow that if possible.

This is our latest live chat where we hit on the Carnyland stuff. We usually livestream on Tuesday nights for as long as ppl want after NWA airs:
Thanks for your time!
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