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What Did You Prefer - Diesel's title reign or Yokozuna's?

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Yokozuna's title reign was boring, imo. He wasn't an interesting heel. Nash takes shit for his 95 reign, but Yoko's was still worse.

Bret Hart ended both their reigns, and it was a breath of fresh air each time.
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Re: What Did You Prefer- Diesel's title reign or Yokozuna's?

Diesel by far. At least he defended it often and actually won matches clean. How does a 600-pound Sumo monster that crushes everything in his path NOT squash challengers left and right?

They booked Yoko wrong as Champ, and with the exception of Taker, he had shit challengers like Lex Luger. They booked Diesel right, but booked everyone else around him wrong.

I was a huge Diesel mark as a kid, but I agree that it's like picking the lesser of two evils in comparing both reigns. 1993-1995 was just such a shit time for this company.
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