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What Are Your Favourite Themes In Wrestling Right Now?

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Thought this might be a fun discussion and I haven't something like this up for a while.

For me:
I don't know why I like this theme at all really but when I hear it, it makes me happy. Maybe it's the ROH pride related to it, maybe it's because I associate it with BJ Whitmer being a mic legend, I don't know but it's great.

The intro alone means it's awesome and it's such a great track.

I really wish ReDRagon would use this in ROH as well as New Japan, it's way better than Dance Away.

Really good song and the fact it's by one of the guys who did a lot of the Pokemon themes makes it that much better.

I always thought TNA was awesome with entrance themes and this is the best of them. Love the fact that Beer Money is back, one of the best tag teams ever and a great theme to go with it.

I've been an ANX mark since they debuted and when they came back, I was out of my chair. Love the theme as well, mostly because it's for these guys, not so much for the song.

I always love when people sing their own themes and this is just filled with all the stupidness I can imagine Romero and Beretta get up too. The Kozlov and Chuckie T shoutouts are awesome as well.

One of the most underrated things about LU are the entrance themes. They seem to get lost within all the other amazing parts of the show but they are all good. But Pentagon's music is on another level. If I ever get locked in a mental asylum, this is what I want playing 24/7.

I'm a big Drew Galloway fan, I'm a big Psyko Dalek fan, I feel like this seems right. When I first got introduced to the group this was one of my favourite songs of theirs and it's so good for an entrance theme.

One of the best guys on the UK scene right now and this song has just become instantly associated with him. I liked the song before he was using it and it fits him like a glove and I this is defenitely my favourite theme right now.

Marty Scurll and Jay Lethal's themes are pretty high up too. I like Grado's as well but you never hear it on the shows on demand because of copyright issues but it's still a great theme.
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I'm actually the opposite with reDRagon. I feel like all the New Japan themes are generic as fuck, but I LOVE their ROH theme. One of my favorites with the company.

This is actually my ringtone and it hypes me the fuck up for sure. :lol

I'll never get tired of Triple H's theme or Mark Henry's GONNA GET DEY WIG SPLIT!

Lethal's theme is great and I think WWE has done well with many people too (Rusev & Owens). Paige & Sasha's theme songs get stuck in my head all the time. :lol

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Glad I'm not the only person with a wrestling theme ringtone. I've had Final Countdown as my ringtone since 2006 solely because Bryan Danielson walked out to the ring to it.

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7. Seth Rollins "The Second Coming"
6. Michael Bennett's TNA Theme
5. AJ Styles' "They Don't Want None"
4. Dean Ambrose's "Retaliation"
3. RedDragon's "Dance Away"
2. Randy Orton's "Voices"
1. Adam Cole's "I've got something for you"

SN - Corey Graves isn't active anymore but MAAN the guy had one of the best themes all time.

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Kaze ni Nare and Pentagon Jr's themes definitely.

Also a big fan of the Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger's theme :mark:
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