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IF you was in charge of tna for a year what would you do to make the company succeed?

Me these are some of the areas I think TNA is hurting at and some of the ideas I'd to to make the company successful.

1. Character Building: I'd change the direction of the company. It seems like over the last couple of years TNA hasn't really created any new stars. We still have the same originals feuding with Ex WWE talent. If this company is going to survive they got to start creating stars for tomorrow. Not rely on ex talent. The money they are paying the talent currently doesn't justifies the price they are paying out. TNA is a Treadmill Promotion. Their ratings stay the same. One thing TNA has is a great roster when it comes to in ring wrestling. But they lack characters. Fans need a entertainment value to keep their attention. Strong characters behind a wrestler. They got to invest in finding gimmicks to give their talent so a story is told. At the end of the day this is a tv program. Wrestling is just a part of the show. Story telling and characters are needed. Bring in young talent and start building a story behind them. Don't waste your money on a high price Household name that doesn't have a impact on your product.

2. Take the company Public. This company has been a private own company since the beginning. One of the main concern in the company is cost control. Having that extra income to invest into the product and show. By taking the company public they could use the money from investors to put back into the product. I think there are a lot of people out there that want to see TNA Succeed. One thing wwe does right is they just don't put on a wrestling event. They put on a entertainment event. This is what TNA needs to find for themselfs. WCW used the Nitro Girls, Djs and music, Flashy enterences with Fireworks. TNA doesn't offer much of a entertainment show. The money they could gain from investors they could use to put on more of a entertainment event.

3. I'd Market TNA outside the box to get Brand awareness: One of the major things TNA faces is a bad Public relation team. It seems like most household mainstream fans don't know half the talent or whos in TNA. Non the less that TNA is even around. They believe their favorite ex wrestlers like Hardy, Kurt Angle, etc are retired. I'd use these methods to bring attention to TNA Product:

Free Tickets to military personnel and governement employees as a way for the company to show its gratitude for their service to their country. Its a great way to help fill in the seats at live events plus they gain from merchandise purchases.

A school program where TNA reaches out to local schools they are touring where students k-12 write a essay on their favorite wrestlers on spike tv Or a reading program to plug higher education in schools. TNA would award a class with free tickets to a event.

TNA Spring Break in Tampa, Florida at Hogans Beach Hosted by Hogan's Family and Friends and the TNA Crew. A Summer Event to promote Spring Break and Hogan's Beach. A event to Kick off the Summer. They could do a fan axxes type weekend where wrestlers would sign autographs. They could bring in some legends of the sport to take part. They could sale tickets where fans could have dinner with their favorite wrestler for charity. Do local fund rasing with charity golfing etc.. The night life on the beach would have live music with your favorite TNA stars taking part. Maybe even do a Dress as your favorite wrestler Night. They Could end the weekend holding a PPV from the beach. Like Bash at the Beach use to do. TNA could promote this yearly event as the place to be during spring break each year. I'd try and do something with MTV to help bring in some music and media coverage. I'd offer Discount packages to college fraternities and sororities to help bring in people.

TNA Viewing Party Hosted By Eric Young/Christy Hemme and OBD. Have the three go to cities and hangout with tna fans. Promote next week shows with the fans. Asking questions if they are excited for tna to be in their city next week. Have fans use twitter to tweet why they are the best place to host a viewing party with a picture. Offer free pizza to the parties.

Comic Con Interviews on Spike With Dixie and some of the TNA wrestlers Plugging TNA On Spike. Could have "Daniels/kaz" Shown Dressed like Comic Characters. Also TNA could Introduce a Jeff Hardy Comic book? The comic would be Hardy with Super Powers facing TNA talent on the side. Hardy can Draw some of his pictures at the event and try and sale it for charity.

TNA XBOX Live/PS3 App get all the latest News/Upcoming events/Shopzone deals/Previous shows up to 5 episodes back and backstage videos/Discount prices on ppv events if you watch threw xbox live or PS3 apps.

Promote in upcoming tour cities threw their local evets. A Lot of cities across the country have local events celebrating their cities. I'd Promote events in cities TNA Will be coming too soon. It will get the word out about them coming. Some examples "Music festivals, Pride, Boston Marathon, Detriot car Show, New years Eve in New York" There are a lot of ways to get some tv time with spike and the wrestlers during these events. Using TMZ to show them at these events maybe even try and get some interviews on TMZ.

Get some of the wrestlers appearances on SNL and Other TV Shows. I'd Suggest a Spike TV Wipeout Special With TNA Stars competing with Each Other. Maybe Try and get Eric Young on a talk show talking about his Animal Planet tv show and being a active wrestler for TNA.

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Cut the real dead weight: I'm looking at you Garrett bischoff, Wes brisco, Robbie e, and Jessie goddess. How these four useless fucks still have a job and my man joey Ryan got cut is beyond me. Ryan was at least entertaining. These four couldn't entertain me if they were all playing a game of Russian roulette.

If big daddy bischoff has to go so be it: since I'm shit canning baby bischoff, if big daddy bischoff has a problem with that. Fuck him,he can screw. Money saved.

Won't bring back hogan: wouldn't waste my time trying to bring him back, he has no value.

Let sting fly the coop: I like sting, he had a good run but it money saved and it's just time.

Refocus on the x division: it helps stand tna apart and you know how much talent, does the x division floppy, strong style on the Indy scene. The Indy scene is filled with Japanese wrestling marks. Your telling me you can't pick up a few for cheap. Plus you have Sabin, Aries, king, manik, and others that can carry it.

Ditto for the knockouts: do more with it, you have a nice mix of hot chicks and girls that can work add to that. At least hire Santana Garrett, buggy nova, and Candice larae. Fine looking girls who can work and aren't expensive.

Magnus push: you want to push a young talent, aj is fucking 36. Draw out a year of pushing Magnus and give him the belt at next year's bfg.

Focus on the vets you have: angle, bully, hardy, Anderson. You can use these guys for the star power they have left. While using them to make new stars, especially Jeff hardy. Jeff was beaten down his demons, I thought he did a good job with his last run as champion. Hell Matt seems to be doing well, bring him back too.

Use your home talent: styles, Daniels, kazarian, Aries, Sabin, joe, storm: these are your guys, they are not getting any younger. Use them. They can fill the void of your reduced star power. You just have to believe in them.

The road shows werea nice experiment. It didn't work, move to new York. The manhattan center is a great facility with rabid, passionate fans. Make that your home.

Live: your not live every week, if it will save money. Fuck it, go back to being taped every week. Is there really that big a difference in the ratings with taped shows versus live shows.

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in no particular order

*Break up All Stables, just have Tag Teams

*Bring in lots more stars, especially KOs

*Brand Extension to 2 or 3

*Make Impact and others 3 hours instead of 2

*Stop the interferences

*Fire anyone or any team or group that interferes too many times or all the time and that ruins matches all the time (Yes im talking to you lame EGO, etc...)

*Vacate ALL of the titles and also make new ones in addition

*Have Tournaments to crown new champions for all the belts

*Make the big PPVs and Events 4 hours

*Cut everyone that does not wrestle and wastes space (Yes, this means you Christy Hemme, etc...)

*GMs for both shows

*Have a PPV where fans vote

*Reconstruct Gut Check

*Rehire Stars that were cut, especially ones that were undeservingly cut, etc...

*Eliminate The Free Rides and Free Passes, Title Shots and pushes will no longer be given out or handed out, you must earn them

*Eliminate Squash Matches

*Less Promos, Less Talking, Less Mic Time, and WAY MORE Wrestling....

*Count Tiebreakers and overall body of work for the year....

*Make all matches cage matches at Lockdown

*Bring back King of The Mountain for Slammiversary and add Queen of the Mountain

*Have all matches at Destination X Ultimate X Matches

*Eliminate Cheating

*Punish anyone who tries to get out of their match and who tries to run away, Ban Cowards!, If You are a champion and do this, YOU WILL BE STRIPPED of the Belt, NO QUESTIONS!, also if you get out of and Run away from too many matches, you will be cut!

*Cut the following: Sting/Jeff Hardy (Just shoved down our throats)/Bully Ray (His brother Devon is gone)/Gail Kim (Her TNA Success has long passed)/Kurt Angle (Hes had a great run but its time to leave TNA, he has nothing left to prove in TNA anymore, nothing to lose and nothing to gain here in TNA anymore, no point)/Jesse Goddarz/Robbie E/Joseph Park/ODB/Eric Young/Chavo Guerrero

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I'd put Aries and Joe in the main event title scene.. 2 fan favourites is an obvious choice.

I would also book a blockbuster main event for a big PPV like AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy in a ladder match for the world heavyweight championship.

I wouldn't leave arenas but I would go to much smaller arenas but I would find somewhere at Universal studios for at least 1500. But those free PPV's would be in an arena. But a respectively small one for 3-5000.

I would build a big fight feel for the main event. Like Hardy and Aries this week, would be in the main event and get lots of build up in the show, showing history between the two.

lastly I would look to increase division power. Tag teams would actually win the title. Like Bromans for example would have a tag team push.
and the Television title.. I'd have it "If you successfully defend the championship 3 times, it can be traded in for a title shot. Giving it a really good meaning and midcard feel.

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My main 2 points would be

1) Increase the number of PPVs per year to 6. Some could argue that even with 4, they're not doing a great job building them but I think that's because 3 months is too long between PPVs, Impact has to become the central point of the show. With a PPV every 2 months you at least have something near enough to warrant looking forward to.

2) Bring in more talent. Be that old stars or new stars it doesn't matter. The roster is very stale at the moment, we've seen nearly every wrestler wrestle each other. Just look at BFG 2013 for an example of that, there isn't a single novel match on the card (Sting/Magnus main evented an impact in 2009 for those who are going to say that). I'd say around 5-10 would be enough, one of which should be Alex Shelley to reunite MCMG and bolster up the tag division which needs a lot of work. TNA's always had a good tag division so its disappointing to see how much its declined over the past 2 years.

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I'm at the point where these threads are way too common so instead of listing my own I'm going to give my opinion on yours OP:

1. I agree with your first point and we'rte off too a good start. You're completely right that TNA needs more characters although I wouldn't cut every WWE guy out I definitely do think TNA should focus on debuting talented wrestlers who have awesome gimmicks.

2. I have no idea what the differences between going private and public are and will openly admit that.


Free Tickets to the Military: No, I love the troops and what they do for us but you can't let hundreds (If not thousands) of people in for free. Discount? Yes. Free? No.

School Program: No, TNA is an adult based wrestling show aimed towards guys in the 20+ age bracket. WWE is the company that aims their product towards children and TNA won't beat them at it.

TNA Spring Break: WCW did this to some success although I don't know if wrestling would still be viewed as cool enough to draw in the Spring Break cities. Regardless, I'd give it a try one year and see what could happen if I were in charge, sure.

TNA Viewing Party: No, No benefit here.

TNA Comic Con: No.

TNA Xbox: If it was cheap to do such a thing I'd say why not but I'm betting it isn't cheap.

TNA with TMZ: TMZ don't care about anyone on the TNA roster except for Hulk Hogan

Wrestlers appearing on other shows: Good idea but again, Nobody running these TV Shows care about anyone in TNA except for Hulk. With the smaller TV Shows they may have interest in Angle, Hardy and Sting but no TV Show is going to welcome a guy like Kazarian to their show with open arms (Which is indeed a shame)
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