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look at this card very good for an house show:
WWE House Show Results from Winnipeg, MB Canada 10/23/10
Oct 24, 2010 - 2:58:04 AM

Report sent in by Rich B.

I arrived to the arena at 7:15 and the entire lower bowl was full. Close to 8000 in attendance if not more. Justin Roberts came out at 7:30 exactly and welcomed everyone. No goofy intro or anything, straight to the matches.

1 - Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler with the Labelle Lock. Excellent 15 minute match and if there was a mid-card match worth ordering a PPV for this one is it. Crowd was really on fire for Daniel Bryan.

2 - Nexus vs Kofi Kingston and Mark Henry - The Raw GM email chime is heard and Justin Roberts announced that to make the upcoming tag match more interesting it is now a 4-on-2 elimination match. Kofi Kingston eliminated Heath Slater, Mark Henry eliminated David Otunga, Wade Barrett eliminated Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry eliminated Justin Gaybriel and then Wade Barrett immediately hit a second rope elbow on Mark Hentry for the win.

3 - Alicia Fox vs Eve - I hit the souvenir stand to get a Sheamus tshirt and necklace. Eve won. I heard her music playing. Many people had the same idea as the lineup was at least 100 people.

4 - Miz vs John Morrison - They had a dance off before the match which was pointless. Miz won with some help from Alex Riley. Decent match. Last time WWE came to Winnipeg was 2006 and Miz was the ring announcer that night.

5 - Edge and Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio - Another excellent match. The Swagger Soaring Eagle is so awesome. The bird does nothing except flap its wings and get punched out. Jack Swagger even covered its ears as the crowd was taunting him and Del Rio. The match lasted about 15 minutes and all 4 guys gave far more than you'd expect from a house show. The end saw Rey hit a 619 on both guys and then Edge speared Swagger for the win. Edge did some mic work before and after the match and then they did the old Stenier Brothers pose like a dog. The crowd was going crazy for these guys the entire time. Rey was awesome as he made a point to meet and greet every kid in the front row.

The Bella Twins came out to throw some tshirts during intermission.

6 - Dashing Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre vs the Hart Dynasty - Boring tag match. Only lasted about 6 minutes and ended when Cody hit the CrossRhodes on Tyson Kidd. They teased some arguing afterwards. Crowd didn't care.

7 - Kane vs Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship - Kane got a big pop from the crowd. So did the Big Show. Match was far better than expected with lots of heavy hitting and some high impact moves. Ref got bumped and Kane hit Show with the belt to win. Only 5 minutes long but never a dull moment.

8 - Randy Orton vs Sheamus for the WWE Championship - Pretty decent match. Sheamus received the most heat on the night while Orton got the biggest pop. Very similar to their Hell in a Cell match except with a much quicker pace. Orton won with the RKO. I immediately left so I cannot say if Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank breifcase or not.

All in all a great duel brand show and a great crowd. Even the older fans weren't as vulgar with some of their commentary due to the PG nature of the show. Match of the night was a tie between Bryan-Ziggler and Edge/Mysterio vs Swagger/Del Rio. It seemed like Bryan-Ziggler hardly even tried so expect them to tear the house down tomorrow.

Biggest pop:

1 - Randy Orton
2- Edge
3 - Rey Mysterio
4 - Kane (believe it or not)

Biggest Heat:

1 - Sheamus
2 - Dolph Ziggler
3 - Dashing Cody Rhodes

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That's a great house show. I attended a Raw brand house show two Saturday nights ago and it was a blast. This looks just as good, probably even better, honestly.

The Edge/Rey pairing feels so nostalgic and sweet.

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Wow, that sounds cool. The last Houseshow ive been was end of 2006. With the best Match Chavo vs Benoit and the Main Event between Batista, Big Show and Finlay...Live is everything better anyway. Have to go again soon.

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Some of this report is inaccurate, as in attendance, Kane got semi pop because during his entrance, all the lights turned off and after sinister and dashing they were craving a big star. Big Show pop was WAY louder than for Kane. It was near Edge/Mysterio level.

Top pop was,

Top heat,

Hands down.
At first no one really reacted to Daniel Bryan until I stood up and started shouting in the top of my lungs till kids started joining in.
Swagger and the Eagle got tons of heat from the kids. They were shouting stuff like "Fry the damn thing!" "Put him on the grill!" "Spear the Eagle!" "The bird fights better than you Swagger!!"

Anyways, dance off wasn't really pointless, it was there to give Morrison a win at something since Miz basically dominated him.
Plus Miz kept taunting with the most ridiculous dance moves.

Anyways, overall it was a great night, MOTN was Orton V Sheamus, with an extremely hot crowd, followed by DB vs Ziggler.
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