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What a difference a year makes

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Survivor Series last year took place on November 23 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. This match was the Main Event:

Team Cena: John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan and Ryback


Team Authority: Seth Rollins, Kane, Mark Henry, Rusev and Luke Harper (with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and Lana)

John Cena was as much annyoing as he's right now, but a year after:

- thanks GOD he took a time off

Dolph Ziggler was the lone survivor, but a year after:

- The Authority is still alive and well
- he still a jobber

Big Show turned heel in that match, but a year after:

- hey, it's fucking Big Show and it's 2015

Ryback was an afterthough in that match, but a year after:

- hey, he's still an afterthought

Erick Rowan was there, I guess. Yeah, I think he was, but a year after:

- he's when he started and where he belongs

Seth Rollins was the man, but a year after:

- he's still the man, but badly injured :mj2

Kane was main eventing in 2014, but a year after:

- he's still main eventing, this time for the main belt (we have 2015!)

Mark Henry was a jobber in that match, but a year after:

- he's still a jobber

Rusev was US Champion and protected by count-out elimination, but a year after:

- he's injured and one step from dancing gimmick

Luke Harper was IC Champion, but a year after:

- he's again with Bray

Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and Lana were there, but a year after:

- JJ was killed by Brock, RIP in pieces
- Lana is completely destroyed character wise and I suspect, career wise too

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon were there as well, but a year after:

- they still are - annyoing, untouchable and are adding NOTHING to the product

Yeah, what a difference a year makes.

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There is a huge difference though, last year had a huge match with plenty of build, meaning, emotion and star power. This year Owens and Ambrose are Main Eventing in singles matches...
I see where you're coming from, too bad in the grand scheme of things that match meant shit. :mj2

Well, it was nice to see Sting in WWE and it was great that we hadn't The Authority for a while, that's it.
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