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GM:Stone Cold
Anouncers:JR & Lawler
Booker T
Scott Steiner
Big Show
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
Hulk Hogan
Kevin Nash
Chris Benoit
Rey Mysterio
Rowdy Rod Piper
Johny the Bull
Chuck Palumbo
Billy Kidman
Lance Storm
Team Angle
La Resistance
William Regal
Cheif Morly
Matt V.1
Shanon Morre
Lance Storm
Nathon Jones
Tommy Dreamer
Jerry Lynn
Steven Richards

Titles:World Champion:Goldberg
U.S Champion:Scott Steiner
Tag Champions:Team Angle
I.C champion:Edge
Womans chapion:Trish
Cruserweight champion:Rey Mysterio

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Heres Thunder

Thunder 5th January 2004

As the fireworks go off jr welcomes u to Thunder.
JR:What a night we have got in store for u
Lawler:Every Title will be on the line tonight acording to
Stone Cold.
JR:Well heres our first match

Match 1:Cruserweight championship triple threat match
Rey Mysterio V Billy Kidman V Shannon Morre
Closing stages:The advantage has been with Rey Rey & Kidman with shannon morre not doing good until Kidman goes to hit him with a shooting star press
but misses Rey then crosss body's morre and gets a two count.rey then pick Kidman up and dropkicks him
into the 619 postion and hits the 619.Morre gets bak to his feet and closthlines Kidman an rey then its the west coast pump on Kidman.Morre then grabs Rey and flings
him over top rope and covers Kidman 1-2-3.
Winner and new cruserweight champion Shannon Morre

We then go backstage were coach has Matt Hardy
Coach:How do u fell about ex Mattatude follower
Shanon Morre winning the Cruserwight championship.
Matt V.1:I fell that he needs a does of Mattatude.


As we come back Stone Cold is in the ring i have mad a match for Thunder next week between Shannon Morre and Matt Hardy but this aint your normal match it will be a ladder match.

Match 2:Womans championship match
Trish V torrie
Closing stages:Trish has controlled the match so far.
She hits a DDT and then the Stratus Faction suddenly out comes Victoria and jazz.Victoria distrats the ref and
jazz atacks Trish.Until out comes Lita and stacy clear the ring.The ref rings the bell.
Match abandoned

MAtch 3: U.S championship match
Scott Steiner v Big Show w/P.Heyman
Closing stages:Steiner and Show have had a fair and eqeul match so far.Steiner the hit big show with a clothline over the top rope and Big show grabs the belt.
Steiner comes to the outside and Show kicks him in the
gut.Heyman Distaracts the ref and big Show nails Scott Steiner with the belt and rols him into the ring for the 3 count. Winner:Big Show


We go backstage were Stone Cold Is making an anouncement.SCSA:I will giveSteiner a rematch with Big Show at the Rumble And we will see the return of a title
on Raw.

Match 4:I.C championship match
Edge V Y2J
Closing stages:Edge hits the spear but Y2J Kicks out at 2 and hits the buldog then loks in the walls of jerricho.
Y2J thn lets him go and hits the lionsault 1-2-3.


Match 5:Tag championship match
Team Angle V RVD & Kane
Closing stages:Kane gets theTag in off RVD and takes down Charlie Hass with a thunderous right hand and the same with Shelton.The the big red machine goes up top but is pushed off by RVD and RVD connects with the 5 star frogsplash to Kane and covers him 1-2-3.
Winner:Team Angle

After the match P.Heyman comes down and shakes
RVD's hand.


Main Event:World championship match
Goldberg V Kurt Angle
Goldberg comes to the ring first and Kurt Angle coms down second.Thebell rings and Goldberg Spears Angle for the 1-2-3.For the quckeist match ever.

Jr:Thats all he time we have

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I hate to really say this, but that was one horrible show.

- Matches were 1-3 sentences long...and not good.
- Promos were bad.
- Horrible Grammer.
- Horrible Spelling.
-Storylines, just "happened."
- Goldberg over Kurt Frickin Angle in the shortest match ever???

Grade: F

Major work needed.

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I got bored so i've decided to do Raw


Wednesday 7th January 2004

As the fireworks go off JR welcomes you to Raw but gets cut off by the sound of breaking glass as Stone Cold makes his way to the ring.SCSA:I have to inportant anouncements No1-Tonight's main event will be a tag match with Big Show & A-Train V Scott Steiner & a partner of his choice.Anouncement 2- The new title is called the Tv championship.To deceid who will be champ there shall be a tournament with 8 people conpeting
for the gold starting tonight.The conpeiditors will be Booker T, Test,Lance Storm,Raven,RVD,Rey Mysterio,Benoit & Returning Superstar.


Match 1:Tournament Match for Tv championship
Booker T V Test
Can u dig it Sucka blares through the arena as Booker T
walks out to a standing obation from the fans.Test's plays to a lot of heat as Test comes to the ring.
Jr:This match is going to be a slobberknocker
As the match gets under way with Test scoring the advantage with a few right hands then a closthline,
he goes for another but Booker ducks hits off the rope as test bends down for a spinbuster, but Booker kicks him in the face and goes to kick him in the gut, but test counters and turns him round and pushes him.Lawler:It's time for the Big Boot.As test stalks Booker and hit's the big boot.Stacy comes running out
Lawler:puppeis.She gets up on th apron and shouts Test to come here as the ref checks on Booker T.She slaps test turning his head round as Booker T closthlines him and lift's him up kicks him in the gut and hit's the siccor kick then Booker does the spinaroni and covers him1-2-3.
Winner: Booker T

After the match Scoot Steiner comes down and put's the Steiner Recliner on Test and Stacy comes backinto the ring with a mic as Steiner hold test to hear her .Stacy:
Were Through.

Jr:Booker T has advanced in the tournament
lawler:So what?Stacy has dumped test .

We go back stage were Coach has Steiner,Booker T & Stacy.Coach:Stacy why did you leave Test?Stacy:Test is a wimp and is nothing compared to my new boyfreind
Scott Steiner and Test has no testicles.Lawler:wow,
Coach:why ,Steiner:Shut up coach we are the asswhoppers so BEWARE.


Match 2:Tv championship Tournament
Lance Storm V Raven
Jr:both men are in the ring as the match begins both men trade right hands until Raven gets knocked down to 1 knee.Lawler:Lance picks him up and flings him into the corner and hits 2 irish whips he goes for a thired but Raven grabs his arm and fling him into the corner &
gives Storm a few irish whips for his troubles.Jr:Raven with the advantage he walks towards the corner where Storm but Storm kicks him in the gut and DDTs him and goes for the cover 1-2- Raven kicks out and out walks Cheif Morly and distracts the ref as Storm gets a steel chair from ring side and goes to hit a now standing up Raven & he ducks the chair shot kicks him in the gut and hits his signature DDT to Storm on the chair.Raven then fling the chair out of the ring and covers Storm 1-2-3.


Match 3:Tv championship tournament match
Rey Mysterio V RVD
Rey Mysterios music plays out he comes. then
We go straight to the back were the F.B.I have taken out Rvd as Kane watches.After the Beating Kane grabs
RVD and takes down to the ring were Rey Mysterio is
waiting for him .Kane put's RVD on the Ropes & Rey hits the 619 as kane watches from ringside.Then the West coast pump 1-2-3.
Winner:Rey Mysterio

We here the sound of braking glass as the GM Stome Cold makes his way to the ring.SCSA:Kane you and RVD will go 1 on 1 on thunder.In a Hell in a cell match.
Crowd erupts.
I have decided to Make the tag match naet
Crowd chers


Match 4: tag team match
Big Show& A-

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Sorry please put full matches read other threads to see the proper length.

You do have ok storylines but don't just make a match happen plan storylines before you start so that you can build on them if you do that it will be a great show.

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Train V Steiner & ?????
Well it's the big Show plays to alot of heat as A-Train and Big Show come out.Steiners music plays but he stands on the ramp and says meet my partner RHYNO.
Jr:Rhyno has returned to the WGW.As the match begins with Steiner and show trading right hands Rhyno grabs
Shows leg as Steiner lays into him the ref tells Rhyno to stop it.As Booker T runs down and attacks A-Train
& fling s him into the crowd booker goes after him and the brawl to the back.Meanwhile in the ring Ryhno let's go off Big Shows leg goes back on the apron an gets the tag From Steiner Rhyno stalks Big Show and Gores him.Lawler:Gore,Rhyno tags Steiner back in Steiner does the Steiner Recliner and Big Show Taps.

Match 5:Benoit V Scot Hall Tv tournament
Closing Stages: Benoit lock's in the crossface but the wolfpac plays as Kevin Nash gomes and Distract the
ref and Hall punches Benoit 3 times then goes out side ansd got the chair Smacks him over the face Nash gets off the apron as Hall covers Benoit 1-2-3.

Stone Cold walks out and says:Nash since u cost Benoit the match youre shall fight him on Thunder and theres a stipoulation that i 'm not telleng u tonight.

Jr & Lawler:Goodnight

Kevin can i help u on Raw and Smack down because i coul make storylines and you could make matches out of
them?Please i'm from scotland to

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man thats one bad show

ok storylines
but match length come on it has to longer i mean my main eents are between 30-40 lines
promo's are bad

grade: F

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I didn't fully read it, but what I did read, was not very good. I don't really like saying this kind of stuff, but...

- The spelling was atrocious.
- Poor grammer.
- Bad matches.
- Once again, storylines just happened.

Grade: F
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