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WGF: Wrestling Genome Federation

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First BTB thread. I can see hours of my life being stolen by this harlot. :(

Wrestling Genome Federation​

Back story: Robert W. Carter, the Chairman of Panda Energy and father of TNA President Dixie Carter, has had enough of his daughter’s vanity project, TNA Wrestling. After investing large sums of money at the start of 2010 to hire marquee names such as Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair & seeing no signs of imminent financial return, Mr. Carter has decided to sell the company to an unnamed entrepreneur with the main assets being the contracted talent and the television slot on Spike. The sale is agreed in the summer of 2010, but the transitional period will not be complete until the turn of the year, allowing time for the new owner to prepare the company for changes & to negotiate with talent before officially taking over. As such, storylines were largely suspended at this point.

The new owner seeks to change the image of the company, & favours a fresh start over another reboot. The newly formed US promotion will be known as the Wrestling Genome Federation (WGF).​

WGF President: Nick Bockwinkel.
WGF Consultants: Jim Cornette, Mick Foley, Scott Levy, Kevin Sullivan.
WGF Producers: Brian Armstrong, Bobby Eeaton, Mark LoMonaco, Allen Sarven, Terry Taylor.
WGF Announce Team: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Kevin Nash.
WGF Ring Announcer: Richard Buffer.
WGF Interviewer: Nicholas Diamond.
WGF Referees: Scott Armstrong, Brian Hebner, Earl Hebner.

WGF Roster:
AJ Styles
Samoa Joe

Weekly TV show(s): “PHOENIX”, Monday, 11pm-12am, Spike TV.​

- Alipate Fifita;
- Jon Moxley;
- Leati Anoa'i;


1. Briscoe, Jay
2. Briscoe, Mark
3. Danielson, Bryan, American Dragon
4. Hart, Teddy, Tiger
5. Joe, The Samoan Submission Machine
6. London, Paul, Huckleberry
7. Low Ki, World Warrior
8. Magnus, Nick, The Magnificent
9. PAC, The Man That Gravity Forgot
10. Roode, Robert (c)
11. Sabin, Chris, Detroit Thunder
12. Sabu, The Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal
13. Shelley, Alex, Detroit Cub
14. Styles, AJ, The Phenomenal
15. Wolfe, Desmond, Dirty

Tag Team Division:
Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe)
British Lions (Desmond Wolfe & Nick Magnus)
Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)

* = updated regularly

AJ Styles (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Alex Shelley (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Amazing Red (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Bobby Lashley (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Booker T (1st appearance: 17/01/11)
Bryan Danielson (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Carlos Colon (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Chris Harris (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Chris Sabin (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Davey Richards (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Desmond Wolfe (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Doug Williams (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Frightmare (1st appearance: 17/01/11)
Gail Kim (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Gregory Helms (1st appearance: 24/02/11)
James Storm (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Kazuchika Okada (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Keiji Mutoh (1st appearance: 31/01/11)
Ken Anderson (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Low Ki (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Matt Jackson (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
MVP (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Nick Jackson (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Nick Magnus (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
PAC (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Paul London (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Rob Terry (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Sabu (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Samoa Joe (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Shelton Benjamin (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Stevie Richards (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Sting (1st appearance: 31/01/11)
Teddy Hart ((1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Tommy Dreamer (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Yuji Nagata (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
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I'm assuming that Red signifies the star is a heel, and blue a face? Anyway, this definitely has some promise, and I only have an idea of who one of the spoilers is (The ROH comment kind of gave away that it's probably gonna be a certain angel... of the fallen variety!). I'll be subbing this, and I look forward to seeing what you do with this
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