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WGF: Wrestling Genome Federation

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First BTB thread. I can see hours of my life being stolen by this harlot. :(

Wrestling Genome Federation​

Back story: Robert W. Carter, the Chairman of Panda Energy and father of TNA President Dixie Carter, has had enough of his daughter’s vanity project, TNA Wrestling. After investing large sums of money at the start of 2010 to hire marquee names such as Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair & seeing no signs of imminent financial return, Mr. Carter has decided to sell the company to an unnamed entrepreneur with the main assets being the contracted talent and the television slot on Spike. The sale is agreed in the summer of 2010, but the transitional period will not be complete until the turn of the year, allowing time for the new owner to prepare the company for changes & to negotiate with talent before officially taking over. As such, storylines were largely suspended at this point.

The new owner seeks to change the image of the company, & favours a fresh start over another reboot. The newly formed US promotion will be known as the Wrestling Genome Federation (WGF).​

WGF President: Nick Bockwinkel.
WGF Consultants: Jim Cornette, Mick Foley, Scott Levy, Kevin Sullivan.
WGF Producers: Brian Armstrong, Bobby Eeaton, Mark LoMonaco, Allen Sarven, Terry Taylor.
WGF Announce Team: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Kevin Nash.
WGF Ring Announcer: Richard Buffer.
WGF Interviewer: Nicholas Diamond.
WGF Referees: Scott Armstrong, Brian Hebner, Earl Hebner.

WGF Roster:
AJ Styles
Samoa Joe

Weekly TV show(s): “PHOENIX”, Monday, 11pm-12am, Spike TV.​

- Alipate Fifita;
- Jon Moxley;
- Leati Anoa'i;


1. Briscoe, Jay
2. Briscoe, Mark
3. Danielson, Bryan, American Dragon
4. Hart, Teddy, Tiger
5. Joe, The Samoan Submission Machine
6. London, Paul, Huckleberry
7. Low Ki, World Warrior
8. Magnus, Nick, The Magnificent
9. PAC, The Man That Gravity Forgot
10. Roode, Robert (c)
11. Sabin, Chris, Detroit Thunder
12. Sabu, The Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal
13. Shelley, Alex, Detroit Cub
14. Styles, AJ, The Phenomenal
15. Wolfe, Desmond, Dirty

Tag Team Division:
Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe)
British Lions (Desmond Wolfe & Nick Magnus)
Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)

* = updated regularly

AJ Styles (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Alex Shelley (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Amazing Red (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Bobby Lashley (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Booker T (1st appearance: 17/01/11)
Bryan Danielson (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Carlos Colon (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Chris Harris (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Chris Sabin (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Davey Richards (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Desmond Wolfe (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Doug Williams (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Frightmare (1st appearance: 17/01/11)
Gail Kim (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Gregory Helms (1st appearance: 24/02/11)
James Storm (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Kazuchika Okada (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Keiji Mutoh (1st appearance: 31/01/11)
Ken Anderson (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Low Ki (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Matt Jackson (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
MVP (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Nick Jackson (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Nick Magnus (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
PAC (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Paul London (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Rob Terry (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Sabu (1st appearance: 24/01/11)
Samoa Joe (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Shelton Benjamin (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Stevie Richards (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Sting (1st appearance: 31/01/11)
Teddy Hart ((1st appearance: 03/01/11)
Tommy Dreamer (1st appearance: 10/01/11)
Yuji Nagata (1st appearance: 03/01/11)
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* WRESTLING GENOME FEDERATION in black lettering flashes across white background sans music *

We are presented with a darkened arena lit only by fans’ mobile phones and camera flashes. The 500 strong crowd rumbles with excitement. A spotlight is placed in the middle of the ring.

RICHARD BUFFER, in classic tuxedo, enters the ring and stands in the centre of the ring.

BUFFER: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the WRESTLING GENOME FEDERATION. Without further adieu, I present to you, one of the inaugral signings of the Wrestling Genome Federation – 1996 Olympic Gold Medallist, KURT ANGLE!

* Gold Medal by Trademarc *

The light remains dim as we see Kurt Angle emerge from behind the curtain suited and booted.

KURT ANGLE Olympic Gold Medallist
Big pop for Angle.

Angle heads down to the ring and we see for the first time the traditional steel guardrail. Angle walks up the steel black steps and into the ring. He cajoles the crowd, signalling to them to express their excitement.

Angle is handed the microphone as the lights come up.

Kurt Angle - "It's Damn Real"

ANGLE: Thank you. I want to say what an honour and a privilege it is to be here tonight. The Wrestling Genome Federation is finally here with a worldwide audience. I've been lucky enough to be a part of this Federation from its inception and I'm going to try to keep this brief but I've got a few things to run through and a few introductions to make before the show kicks off. Firstly, cameraman, get a shot of the announce booth.

We are presented with the announce table ostensibly near the entrance aisle. We see the announce team as the name cards come up:

ANGLE: We’ve got broadcast journalists Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay, alongside former world champion, Kevin Nash, providing commentary for the viewers at home. Ladies and gentleman, the podium next to the broadcast booth - Mike if you could do the honours.

Camera shot of the podium with black velvet cover on top. Mike Tenay unveils a glass case containing what is unmistakably the WGF World Heavyweight Championship. The camera focuses solely on the belt for at least 10 seconds before Angle resumes speaking - the camera still focused on the belt for a period while Angle speaks.

ANGLE: Forget about me, forget about everything you thought you knew about the sport of professional wrestling, that right there is the star of the show. That right there is the Wrestling Genome Federation World Heavyweight Championship - the crown jewel of professional wrestling. And for the guys you can't see at the moment, the wrestlers in the back, take a long hard look, boys. This is what it's all about.

Now to you, the fans. I appreciate you attending when the card was still up in the air. That goes for the fans tuning in at home as well. I'm sure you knew you would see Kurt Angle. You probably thought you would see AJ Styles and Samoa Joe too. The three us emerged from the ruins of TNA and banded together to put our stamp of approval on this company, the Wrestling Genome Federation. We hope that stamp carries some weight and gives the WGF the chance to flourish as the premier professional wrestling organisation in North America.

And it's not just us. There are plenty of guys who want the opportunity to wrestle for the WGF. Guys without contracts, guys with contracts. WGF President, Nick Bockwinkel, is in contact with wrestlers from all over the world. Wrestlers who yearn for the opportunity to compete on this canvas and earn their shot in this business. We are committed to bringing you the very best in professional wrestling. I'll pass you over to our broadcast team in a moment so that they can announce the card.

I wanted you to hear from me though that, for the time being, I won't be in the ring. I'm nursing a neck injury - the story of my life, huh? Well, I'm struggling with that at the moment but I have my sights set on being back in time to compete for that beautiful gold championship. Back in time to compete the tournament to crown the first WGF Heavyweight Champion. There will be 15 men but only one winner. Only one true king of professional wrestling. Professional wrestling - sit up and take notice. This is the Wrestling Genome Federation. Oh it's real, it's DAMN REAL.
Angle's music hits. We watch as Angle exists the ring and heads back up the aisle. We cut to the broadcast booth.

SCHIAVONE: Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Wrestling Genome Federation! We’re coming to you LIVE from the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, in the HEART of America. I'm Tony Schiavone, and alongside me on this historic night is my long-time broadcast colleague, Mike Tenay, and former world champion, Kevin Nash. Gentleman, it is showtime.

TENAY: There’s no doubt about it, Tony. Tonight is THE most important night in this company’s history. And boy, do we have some great action for our audience tonight. We heard from Kurt Angle to open the show and Tony, I believe we have an announcement to make sent directly from the office of President Nick Bockwinkel.

SCHIAVONE: As announced by Kurt Angle there's to be a tournament to crown the inaugural WGF champion. The tournament will culminate on 30 January at our first supershow, WGF ORIGIN, but first there will be qualifications bouts on WGF TV. Two of those bouts are scheduled to take place tonight but first, let's have a look at the tournament brackets.

We cut to a video package introducing each competitor. It's basic. A picture of the wrestler, with their national flag as a background, with some details about height, weight and promotional affiliation.

Bracket A

Booker T (Pro Wrestling Alliance, USA)
Carlos Colon (World Wrestling Council, Puerto Rico)
Jeff Hardy (Total Non-Stop Action, USA)
Samoa Joe (Wrestling Genome Federation, Samoa)
Montel Vontavious Porter (New Japan Pro Wrestling, USA)
Yuji Nagata (New Japan Pro Wrestling, Japan)
Robert Roode (Free Agent, Canada)
Katsuyori Shibata (Free Agent, Japan)
Bracket B

Kurt Angle (Wrestling Genome Federation, USA)
Bobby Lashley (Inoki Genome Federation, Japan)
Keiji Mutoh (All Japan Pro Wrestling, Japan)
Davey Richards (Ring Of Honor, USA)
Sting (Total Non-Stop Action, USA)
AJ Styles (Wrestling Genome Federation, USA)
Rob Van Dam (Total Non-Stop Action, USA)

SCHIAVONE: What a line up!

TENAY: Japanese wrestling legends, American superstars, high flyers, brawlers, submission experts, mixed martial artists, the best of independent wrestling and the only Olympic gold medallist in professional wrestling history! It is remarkable, Tony.

SCHIAVONE: And the keen eye will notice Bracket B is a man short. Why is that, Mike?

TENAY: As I understand it, Kurt Angle is to receive a pass on the qualifying round due to his neck injury, Tony.

SCHIAVONE: Well, it makes sense. Kurt belongs in that tournament. Have we got the list of qualifying matches? Let’s have that on the screen.

We cut to a video package showing the card. Each match is indicated by a picture of the wrestler with their name underneath the picture.

Q1: Davey Richards –v- AJ Styles

Q2: Samoa Joe –v- MVP

Q3: Rob Van Dam –v- Bobby Lashley

Q4: Booker T –v- Yuji Nagata

Q5: Jeff Hardy –v- Robert Roode

Q6: Carlos Colon –v- Katsoyuri Shibata

Q7: Keiji Mutoh –v- Sting

TENAY: And The Phenomenal AJ Styles is going to open the show tonight - he will square off against one of the biggest names in American independent wrestling, Davey Richards.

SCHIAVONE: Kevin Nash, what are your thoughts on this historic night?

NASH: I think that’s got to be one of the most competitive tournaments in pro wrestling history, on paper. I’m real excited to see my boy, Joe, go up against MVP tonight.

TENAY: Yes, newly signed to New Japan Pro Wrestling, The Ultimate Baller, Montel Porter, will wrestle against The Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe.

NASH: Ok, I got a question. Why are guys like Jeff Hardy, Sting and Rob Van Dam still representing TNA? Didn't they get the memo?

TENAY: I think those guys know that TNA is finished as an active company, Kevin. However I believe they had long-term contracts with TNA that aren't due to expire any time soon. They can't officially sign for another company without renouncing their contracts - as guys like Kurt Angle have done to allow him to sign for the WGF. They can, however, compete for WGF in the meantime.

SCHIAVONE: Hopefully that puts that to bed. Now, gentleman, we are minutes away from the opening bout. Let's take a look at why these two competitors have entered this tournament.

AJ Styles - "The Original"

We are backstage with NICHOLAS DIAMOND He is decked out in a dark shirt and dress trousers. He's clearly not wrestling tonight. He has a microphone in hand. Over his shoulder we can see a black background with white letters, 'WGF'.

DIAMOND: I am here with a man who is due to step inside the squared circle in a few moments. The WGF's very own, AJ Styles. AJ, the WGF, first show, first match - and at that a qualification match to compete to be crowned the first WGF champion. We've gone from zero to one hundred in a matter of minutes. What have you got to say?

The camera pans back and we see AJ STYLES in his red sleeveless hoodie and black sweats.

STYLES: Well what do you know, I ain't much of a talker. I don't do much talking. I'm sure the fans know that, even if you don't. What is there to say? Angle already told y'all, it was me, him and Samoa Joe that kick started this thing. I'm here to prove one thing - that I am the best in the business. I believe that. I've believed that for some time. And my time is now. It's been overdue. You see, I've got it all - I''ll throw hands with anybody. I'll take it to the mat. And lord, you know I can go up top. I can take it to the sky! There are no limits. I built TNA and it pains me it had to go out with a whimper. But I built a company once, and I'll do it again. A company without limits. This isn't New York. This isn't shiny suits and stocks and shares. This is professional wrestling. This is two men in a ring and that simple question - who is the better man? I'll bet on me every time. I was the first guy signed to this company and I'll be the first WGF champion. Everybody else in this tournament is there to make up the numbers. They're good wrestlers, sure. But they're not Phenomenal. I was the prince of TNA. Now I'm fixin' to be crowned the king of the WGF.

AJ walks off camera. Diamond turns to the camera.

DIAMOND: For a man who says he does not talk, he sure got his point across.

Davey Richards - "Respect"

We find ourselves in a gym with DAVEY RICHARDS. We see Richards in the ring sparring with an unknown wrestler. who has pads on. Diamond steps into the view of the camera at ringside. Richards sparring partner points at Diamond. Richards turns around, takes out his gum-shield and walks over to Diamond.

DIAMOND: Davey Richards, Nicholas Diamond. We spoke on the phone. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm sorry to interrupt your training.

RICHARDS: You're late. Don't be sorry, just be on time.

DIAMOND: Indeed. Now if you'll forgive that, we've got a few things to discuss. First and foremost, the WGF championship. You're in the hunt for it; you've got a qualification match against AJ Styles, one of the founding fathers of the WGF. There will be fans out there who don't necessarily know who Davey Richards is and what he's about. What can you tell them?

RICHARDS: What's to tell? I'm Davey Richards. I'm a pro wrestler. I'm currently wrestling for the Ring Of Honor organisation. People might not know me. I've never wrestled in the major leagues. I've got a pretty good reputation on the independent scene in America. I've got the respect of the independent wrestling fans. But I want more. I'm hungry for your respect. I'm hungry for the respect of the WGF fans and every wrestler who will step into the ring to compete for the WGF championship. I want that championship. It's a matter of respect. But the thing about respect is - it isn't enough to want it, it isn't enough to ask for it.

DIAMOND: You've got to earn it...

RICHARDS: ...forget earning it, you've got to TAKE IT.

We get a close up of Richards' face.

RICHARDS: You've got to grab it with both hands and squeeze it till you can't ever lose it. This might be my one shot to get a grip of the respect of the entire wrestling world. I'm not going to let that chance pass me by. AJ Styles is a great wrestler but is he as hungry as me?
SCHIAVONE: Gentlemen, the time for talk is over. We're going ringside with Richard Buffer for the opening bout of the night. It is showtime!

TENAY: Styles against Richards - we are starting with a big bang.

NASH: ...most of America wouldn't believe it.

We are presented with the ring. Richard Buffer stands in the centre of the ring with the referee, SCOTT ARMSTRONG, in the background.

BUFFER: The following bout is scheduled for one fall. The match may be won by pinfall, submission, count-out or disqualification. Introducing first, hailing from Gainesville, Georgia, standing 5 foot 11 inches, weighing 220 pounds, he is The PHENOMENAL...A..J...STYLES!

* Wherever I May Roam by Metallica *

AJ STYLES The Phenomenal One
AJ STYLES appears from behind the curtain. He’s got the red sleeveless hoodie, and has reverted to the red shorts. He stops as he nears the announce booth and takes a long look at the WGF Championship. He snaps out of his daydream and continues to make his way to the ring, saluting the fans once there.

BUFFER: His opponent, hailing from Othello, Washington, standing 5 foot 8 inches, weighing 210 pounds, he is the LONE WOLF, DAVEY RICHARDS!

* That Girl by Iron Maiden *

DAVEY RICHARDS appears from behind the curtain in black trunks, black kneepads, black boots combo.

AJ and Davey meet in the middle of the ring with the referee, Armstrong, in the middle of them explaining the rules.

SCHIAVONE: And we’re kicking things off in style with the Phenomenal One. He looks to be in great shape, Mike.

TENAY: He sure does. But we can’t rule out Davey Richards here. He looks to be in great shape himself and will be looking to make a name for himself here. Let’s look at the tale of the tape.


The Phenomenal One
Lone Wolf​
5 ft 11 in​
5 ft 8 in​
215 lbs​
208 lbs​
NASH: I’ve got to go with Schiavone here. Richards comes to the WGF with high expectations but Styles is a proven quantity in that ring and, 20 by 20, he gets the job done.

SCHIAVONE: Well, we’re about to find out. Scott Armstrong is the referee in charge of this one. A handshake and a nod of acknowledgement is as friendly as it’s going to get.

TENAY: Both men intensely focused. Opening bout, opening night – they’ll be feeling the weight of expectation.

NASH: There’s a lot of tension there.

* bell rings *

SCHIAVONE: And with the sound of the bell, the Wrestling Genome Federation is born!


Both men circle one another. They extend hands to get a sense of range. Davey shoots in for the early takedown but only hits one knee before bouncing back up as AJ has it scouted. AJ cranks his neck and goes for the LOCK UP. AJ secures an ARMBAR. AJ cranks the armbar. Davey sells, dropping to one knee before bouncing back up and entering an escape routine – SIDE ROLL and back, FOWARD ROLL HEADSTAND and ARM DRAG! AJ is grounded and as he gets back up Davey shoots in and takes AJ down. Davey unleashes some GROUND AND POUND before nipping up and grabbing AJ's ankles. Davey goes to turn AJ onto his front; AJ is trying to fight it but has no answer - Davey's lost one of AJ's legs but manages to lock in the SINGLE LEG BOSTON CRAB. The ropes are just out of AJ's reach. The referee checks if AJ wants to give up. He's fighting for the ropes as Davey tries to crank the leg with all he's got. AJ inches towards the ropes and...gets there! Davey releases the hold and goes to the centre of the ring. He calls and gestures for AJ to get up. AJ gets up and stands on his left leg gingerly. He raises it and bends it, working out the kink. Davey stands impatiently with his hands on his hips.

The two men meet in the centre once more and LOCK UP. Davey powers AJ over to the corner where the referee looks to break it up. Davey breaks it up and hurriedly makes his way to the centre of the ring where he stands snarling away. AJ comes to the centre. Davey goes to lock up and AJ side steps it, going behind Davey and taking hold of him by the waist. Davey tries to break AJ's grip but can't. AJ goes to lift Davey for the German Suplex but Davey fights it and manages to keep his toes on the canvas, barely. Davey goes for right back elbow and AJ moves his head to the left. Davey goes for left back elbow and AJ moves his head to the right. Davey grabs AJ's wrist and then unleashes a BACKWARDS HEADBUTT. AJ is stunned and releases his grip enough for Davey to reverse positions and goes for the German Suplex. He practically dead lifts the stunned AJ who comes to life in mid-air and fights furiously. AJ's legs are scrambling and he manages to find canvas again. Davey goes for the German Suplex again but can't get him off the ground this time. AJ's regained his senses.

Davey releases his hold, spins AJ round and hits him with two OPEN HAND PALM STRIKES that knock AJ on his rear. Davey then nails AJ with a STIFF KICK across the chest. Davey follows up with the pin. 1...2..KICK OUT! AJ rolls to the corner and gets to his feet. Before he knows it Davey shoots in and takes him down.

Davey goes for the SPINNING TOE HOLD but AJ kicks him off on the turn. Davey charges at AJ, who jumps onto the second rope and bounces off, turning in mid air to LEAPFROG Davey! Davey screeches to halt before hitting the turnbuckles face first. He turns around and EATS A PELE KICK! Davey is knocked on his ass slumped in the middle turnbuckle. AJ quickly drags Davey out of the corner by the leg and goes for the pin. 1..2.SHOULDER. Davey got the arm up in time but the Pele Kick has obviously knocked him for six.

AJ goes for another pin. 1..2-KICK OUT. AJ picks Davey up and puts him in a FRONT FACELOCK. Davey struggles to get out of it & AJ bends one knee to crank the facelock. AJ releases the facelock suddenly, shoves Davey to get range and kicks him in the stomach and then puts him straight back in the facelock. AJ hoists Davey into the air and drops him with a textbook VERTICAL SUPLEX. AJ sits up. Swivel of the hips and he’s on top of Davey again. 1..2..-KICK OUT. A noticeably weaker kick out though as Davey appears to be fading.

AJ picks Davey up. He shoots him off the ropes and runs after him with a CLOTHESLINE but Davey DUCKS it. AJ’s momentum has taken him into the ropes and he fires off them meanwhile Davey has dropped to one knee in the middle of the ring to stop, and turned...and CATCHES AJ WITH A STIFF KICK TO THE MIDSECTION!! AJ takes an out of control forward roll bump, shooting off to the side.

Davey holds his face and head and tries to shake the cobwebs loose before he charges after AJ who is near the ropes. EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! AJ is sent crashing through the middle rope onto the ring apron. As AJ struggles to his feet, Davey follows this up with a MULE KICK through the middle rope! AJ falls to the floor face first! Davey is still reeling from the Pele Kick but he gets FIRED UP. He goes charging off the far ropes and heads towards AJ..SUICIDE DIVE...MISS! Sixth sense from AJ Styles there. Davey goes head first into the guard rail. AJ had smartly got out of the way. AJ crouches by the apron, holding his midsection, wincing in pain. He rolls back into the ring. The ref has already started the count. 4....5....

Davey is in trouble outside. AJ alternates between holding his ribs and checking his jaw is still intact.


AJ rolls outside to break the count. He then rolls back inside to safety. AJ clearly wants to win this match outright. As he’s in-ring selling, he doesn’t take his eyes off Davey. Davey is barely able to pick himself up with the aid of the guardrail.


AJ is selling his ribs inside the ring & Davey is selling his head outside.


AJ rolls outside. Grabs Davey by the back of the tights and throws him in the ring. AJ with the pin. 1..2..SHOULDER!

AJ slides off Davey. He sits hands on knees. He takes a deep breath then nips up from knees to feet in one go. He winces slightly, holding his ribs then looks down at Richards before looking at the top rope & back to Richards. AJ purposefully goes to the outside and makes his way to the top. AJ going for the SUPERMAN?!​

TENAY: Is Styles going for the Superman?!

SCHIAVONE: Oh my god!

Davey is stirring & is trying to get up. Superman is off. Missile dropkick?! Davey makes a SURPRISE valiant leap for the ropes in an attempt at crotching AJ on the turnbuckle but AJ intelligently steps onto the ringpost and ring cable. While AJ is trying to keep his balance, Davey has stumbled over to the corner & hits AJ with a CHOP ACROSS THE CHEST! AJ tries to kick Davey away but only manages minimal contact. Davey comes back at AJ with the FOREARM SMASH! AJ has now dropped onto the ropes with one foot on the top rope and on the middle rope outside. But Davey is still too groggy to take advantage. AJ kicks him away with a sidekick with more authority. AJ perches himself more securely but before he knows it Richards has come steaming back this time landing a FOREARM SMASH whilst jumping onto the second rope! Richards pummels AJ with open hand strikes whilst falling backwards onto his feet. He hops back onto the second ropes then...wait, FRANKENSTEINER?!!?!​

TENAY: Richards with the Franken..!


TENAY: ...hooks the legs


AJ with the pin

1. .2. .3!

Winner: AJ Styles

Via: Pinfall (Styles Clash by Styles)

Time: 10:27
SCHIAVONE: There we see the time of the fall. And Mike, why is that important?

TENAY: Well, Tony, it’s not particularly important in this bout, but it should be noted that there is a 20 minute time limit on all non-title bouts on WGF TV. Title bouts have a TV time limit of 30 minutes.

NASH: So AJ beat the kid with enough time to catch a cup of coffee? I’m batting .1000 on predictions.

TENAY: AJ was a worthy winner but it was no breeze. Davey Richards proved he is not fodder for anybody, not even the world’s best.

SCHIAVONE: We’re going to hear from our winner, AJ Styles. He's with Nicholas Diamond.

AJ Styles - "One Brick At A Time"

We're in the ring with AJ Styles and Nicholas Diamond.

DIAMOND: AJ Styles, what a great win for you there. A great match. Do you have a few words for us?

Richards rolls to the outside in the background and away up the ramp.

DIAMOND: How do you feel that went?

STYLES: Well, gosh darn, I felt it went real good. My ribs don’t agree but I picked up the win, that’s always good, right? And that’s no easy feat at this level, ever. Especially against this guy. Hey! Richards! Richards, get back in here. Come on.

Richards heads back to the ring. In the meantime, Diamond tries to press on.

DIAMOND: Now, AJ, you have won your qualification match. You go onto the main tournament at WGF ORIGIN. Is there anyone you want to face in the quarter finals or anyone you want to avoid?

STYLES: Look, I'm not getting ahead of myself. I think I'm the best. I think I should be anointed the king of professional wrestling. But I gotta build my castle one brick at a time. And that's what I'm doing. Richards is a solid brick to start with. I'm going after a few more. It doesn't matter who it is. I'm content that I'll only end up facing my buddy, Robert Roode, if it's in the final. So I ain't got no preference. Bring me whoever.

Richards is now across from Styles in the ring.


STYLES: - wait, now this guy is a helluva wrestler. Mr. Bockwinkel, Jim Cornette, you see this match? Get this guy signed. You already signed me. You already signed Kurt Angle. You already signed Samoa Joe. You’re going in the right direction. You’re picking up the right guys. And this guy, Davey Richards, won’t be on the side of the road for long. I don’t care who’s signing the cheques. Wrestling Genome Federation, this is AJ Styles talking to you LIVE. And I'll tell you one other thing, Kurt Angle gets a pass? He's straight into the tournament? That ain't right but I'll speak about that in more detail later on. For now, give this man his shine.

Styles shakes the hand of Richards and rolls out of the ring.

DIAMOND: Ladies and gentlemen, AJ Styles! Now Davey Richards, you just had your first match in the Wrestling Genome Federation. You lost to AJ Styles. Has that discouraged you?

RICHARDS: No, not at all. It’s only whetted my appetite. AJ Styles is one the very best in this sport and there’s no shame in losing to him. I’ll go back, watch the match back on video, and see where it went wrong. And I’ll be talking to the people behind the scenes to see what it’s going to take to get me back in this ring. Whether it’s AJ Styles, or somebody else. I’m ready to wrestle in the WGF again anytime, any place.

DIAMOND: That is good to know. I’m sure these fans will be happy to see you back too.

RICHARDS: Thank you.

SCHIAVONE: There we see the time of the fall. And Mike, why is that important?

TENAY: Well, Tony, it’s not particularly important in this bout, but it should be noted that there is a 20 minute time limit on all non-title bouts on WGF TV. Title bouts have a TV time limit of 30 minutes.

NASH: So AJ beat the kid with enough time to catch a cup of coffee? I’m batting 1000 on predictions.

TENAY: AJ was a worthy winner but it was no breeze. Davey Richards proved he is not fodder for anybody, not even the world’s best.

SCHIAVONE: We’re going to hear from our winner, AJ Styles. He's with Sean Morley.

Post-match Interview

We're in the ring with AJ Styles and NICHOLAS DIAMOND.

DIAMOND: AJ Styles, what a great win for you there. A great match. Do you have a few words for us?

Richards rolls to the outside in the background and away up the ramp.

DIAMOND: How do you feel that went?

STYLES: Well, gosh darn, I felt it went real good. My ribs don’t agree but I picked up the win, that’s always good, right? And that’s no easy feat at this level, ever. Especially against this guy. Hey! Richards! Richards, get back in here. Come on.

Richards heads back to the ring. In the meantime, Morley tries to press on.

DIAMOND: Now, AJ, you have officially signed with the Wrestling Genome Federation. You were one of three inaugural signings. What does that mean to you? What was your motivation, what are your goals?

STYLES: It means that the people running this company know a good thing when they see it. It’s real simple. This is a pro wrestling company and I’m the best pro wrestler on the planet. It doesn’t take a genius to see how that marriage works. And because of that – because of me - I think the WGF is gonna be number one in the United States very soon. Hell, this match right here had more wrestling in it than you’ll see all year elsewhere. You know what I’m talking about.

DIAMOND: You say this promotion, the Wrestling Genome Federation, will be number one. How?

STYLES: I just told you. It’s got me for a start. We’ve got Kurt Angle. We’ve got Samoa Joe. The best of American wrestling on show here tonight. The best of British wrestling in Desmond Wolfe. The best of independent wrestling in Davey Richards. And, you know, there’s more to come. I’m just getting started, that’s for sure.

Richards is now across from Styles in the ring.


STYLES: - wait, now this guy is a helluva wrestler. Mr. Bockwinkel, Jim Cornette, you see this match? Get this guy signed. You already signed me. You already signed Kurt Angle. You already signed Samoa Joe. You’re going in the right direction. You’re picking up the right guys. And this guy, Davey Richards, won’t be on the side of the road for long. I don’t care who’s signing the cheques. I don’t care what we’re paying Hogan.
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